How are white light scanners?

Is anyone using a scanner with the white light technology? I am curious as to how they compare in accuracy to the laser scanners currently on the market.

June 22, 2012

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  • Mark Jackson, RDT · Owner at Precision Ceramics, CT Scanning and Implant Planning Center

    We have a Lava ST white light scanner, and it is currently sitting in our electrical room gathering dust. There is no doubt white light is more accurate than laser, but it's not anywhere as easy to use, calibrate or maintain as a 3Shape. In my eyes, it's just not worth the hassle.

    Is the added accuracy really worth it? Accuracy is a cumulative thing. One scanner is +_10um more than another. Then the mill is +_ 10um more than another. before you know it, you're up to 50um or more difference between another combination. Therefore, I prefer to use a system (or combination of systems) that is fast,...See more

  • Cain Austin · Owner/Manager at Austin Dental Ceramics, Inc.

    Thanks for the informative posts. I haven't had any hands on with the Lava ST scanner. I did sit in on a presentation by Origin up at Lab Day East. Their software seemed very user friendly. I had a chance to visit with the reps at Dentsply over in York PA and worked with the 3 shape scanner and it's software. The 3 shape is a great scanner with great software but comes at a price especially for small labs.

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