Advice to Prevent Zirconia Bridge Warpage?

Anyone have any advice on zirconia bridge frameworks "warping"? Hardly ever happens with frameworks with no curve, but seems to be more frequent with 4 unit and larger frames that curve (anterior). Individual units fit terrific internally and marginally, but 2-3 out of 10 times the frames will rock slightly. We are sintering these alone with no rapid sintering cycles.

December 3, 2013

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    Susan Jung · Director, Sales & Marketing at Crystal Dental Design

    When sintering try leaving the sprue and base on and raise the tempture in 5 degrees per minuete but it varies based on furnaces.

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    Robert Shafer · CAD/CAM Technician at Bay View Dental Lab

    The most common cause of that for me would be weak or improperly positioned connectors. The zirconia likes to be uniform and shrink as a whole. Thin areas tend to shrink faster (for obvious reasons). Connectors that are too far lingual or facial also seem to "bend" the frame slightly due to the thicker,...

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    Marcus Faust, CDT · CAD/CAM & Wax Department Manager at International Dental Arts

    Try to leave a piece of the milling blank attached to the bridge during centering. Some nesting software have  runner bars you can add to the bridge for centering.

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