Help with Porcelain Bubbling Problems?

Can anyone help? I am getting continuing bubbling in the porcelain right down to the metal. I have tried everything I know and nothing is working. Please help!

December 16, 2012

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There are 8 Answers
  • Charles Selser, CDT · Owner at Selser Dental Lab, Inc.

    A possible contributing factor to bubbling is the firing temperature of your first opaque cycle relative...See more

  • Jeff Walker · Owner at London Bridge Dental Lab

    It's most likely from contamination somewhere in the process of conditioning and opaquing, as I'm sure...See more

  • Trisha Schweinsberg, CDT · Owner/C&B at Custom Crowns Dental Lab

    I have had this also, please let us know what type of metal and if it is a press to metal porcelain....See more

  • Mike Andreas · Owner at Dominion C&B Lab

    I agree with Jeff. It's likely contamination of the metal from finishing stones. We had problems when...See more

  • Jay D. Gomer, CDT · Owner/Ceramist at Restorative Solutions, Inc.

    If you are using base metal alloys frequently, you may want to look at using some type of furnace purging...See more

  • Michael Kudrna, CDT · Owner/President at New Vision Dental Creations, Inc.

    May want to replace the Muffle even if you just had done this in the last few months. Also, we had this...See more

  • Mike Jankovic · Owner at Jankovic Dental Ceramics

    tell me what you do after metal work is finished dont listen to what kind of metal you are using or tip needs cleaning

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