Our dies seem to be getting quite beat up lately. Not sure if it is the stone or I need different hardener.

We are using Denstply Glastone 3000 and Euro Kerr Die hardener. Our margins just seem to be crumbling away after working on them for very long.

December 18, 2013

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    I agree with Melissa, the water ratio maybe too high. Dental die stone won't crumble unless the mixing ratio is way off, mixing procedure is not correct, or the stone is not being properly stored. I would also check how long the stone sets.When I did models long ago I poured them the night before and...

    Martin Martinez, CDT
    Ceramist at Beverly Hills Dental Studio
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    We use Resin Rock from Whip Mix and dva die conditioner from dental ventures of america.  Never have a problem.  Not sure who is pouring the models, but the water powder ratio is crucial.  :)

    Melissa Bilyeu
    Owner at Louthan & Bilyeu Dental Laboratory, Inc
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    We also use Resin Rock, I have been using clear pro art die spacer from Ivoclar and it works great. It is always a good idea to exactly follow the manufacturers instructions regarding water to powder raitios because if you are using too much water it will change the density of the stone. So pretty much "that's what she said"

    Gary Grosclaude, CDT
    Owner/Ceramist/Fingerstyle Guitar Player at Bryce Canyon Dental Studio
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