Need new lab

I was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions for a good cast metal frame lab that can handle 50+ frames per month? Need someone with consistency and ability to follow script instructions. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

November 18, 2013

ChannelConnection Object
    [channel_edge_type_id] => 23
    [node_type_id] => 10041
    [force_as_tab] => 1
    [create_permissions] => 0
    [is_set] => 1
    [relationship_type] => set_item
    [display_location] => tab
    [index_page_container] => 
    [index_page_element] => 
    [max_nodes] => -1
    [max_nodes_per_identity] => 1
    [edge_strength] => 
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    I'm Mike Mellon CDT owner of M&J Partials.We are located in central Florida . We are strictly a frame lab who would like to help you.We are a Vitallium lab.Google us to start and if you like to hear more call us.
    Thank you
    Mike Mellon CDT

    Michael Mellon, CDT
    Owner at M&J Partials, LLC
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