Impression Scanning Recommendations?

Is anyone out there using impression scanning at their lab and how are the models coming out? Which system? Models printed or milled? Have you compared them to the same impression poured by your traditional method? Can anyone verify if it is really saving them time and/or money?

March 5, 2012

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  • Mark Jackson, RDT · Owner at Precision Ceramics, CT Scanning and Implant Planning Center

    Scanning impressions is a disaster in my opinion. There are too many places where the impression material is just wispy little fins of material that the scanner cannot see. Spraying it with reflectant only makes things worse, and the image is obliterated. If you want a digital impression, take one with an intraoral scanner. On the other hand, a Micro CT scanner takes beautiful scans of impressions which is why the Ortho CAD companies do it that way, but they are expensive, cumbersome, the files are huge and need conversion and segmenting to be manageable. Stick to analog model, poured from stone. My opinion anyway...

  • Keith Goldstein · President at DESS USA

    we used the dental wings impression scanner at reliable dental lab and then had the models printed on object - they came out ok
    the fit is fine, i think with the digital impression scanners this will overtake the impression scanners
    i cannot speak for the accuracy of the digital impression scanners that a lab may use to scan an impression
    i will find out more at lab day this weekend

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