What are your CAD/CAM suggestions for small labs?

I am looking to buy a scanner but not sure about the software yearly fee. I looked into the D500 3Shape and 7S Dental Wings. A friend just told me about Identica from Medit blue light.

April 15 at 10:34 pm

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    Joe P. Forte · Owner at Technical Crown & Bridge

    Hi there - we're a 6 person lab in Missouri - bought a 3shape last november.  The best thing we ever did! We looked at alot of other systems, but kept coming back to 3shape.  .  We also had asked around and wanted to know who provided the best training (we bought ours through Dentsply).... — tagged CAD/CAM

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    Brad Isbill · Waxer at Isbill Dental Lab

    3 shape hands down. i have HAD both. i no longer have dental wings

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    Chris Frye · Territory Manager at Whip Mix Corp.

    The 3Shape is ideal for entry into the digital world. 3Shape does normally have an annual fee, but they do have a promo right now that waives that fee for 3 years. Let me know if you would like some additional information if you have't received it already. — tagged CAD/CAM

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    Shanda Robb · Territory Account Manager at Axsys Dental Solutions

    You would love the Identica Blue Scanner powered by exocad!
    It's a completely open CAD system and doesn't have annual fees! It has a user friendly interface and is the easiest system to learn when just getting into CAD/CAM!

    I've worked with many different CAD systems over the last 13 years while working... — tagged CAD/CAM

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    Scott S. · Works at Dominion Milling Center

    exocad!! Medit scanners are great! Both the S.E. and the new Blue.
    We have used and sold over Fifty units, and 100% happy techs!
    Can make anything and has every single function of 3shape for 1/2 the cost over 5 year period.
    Scott @804-285-0777 (Dominion Milling Center and Prime Dental Products)

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    Richard Green · Delivery Boy at All Things Dental

    So many choices! For a newbie I thnik the level of support is really important. I'm sure you can negotiate a similar price with many vendors. Every scanner has its own virtues, I like white light best, but availabe and knowledgeable support should sway your decision. (also watch for costs that can be...

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