Help please!!! We're a small lab looking for a CAD/CAM suggestion.

I am looking to buy a scanner but not sure about the software yearly fee. I looked into the D500 3Shape and 7S Dental Wings. A friend just told me about Identica from Medit blue light.

April 15 at 10:34 pm

  • So many choices! For a newbie I thnik the level of support is really important. I'm sure you can negotiate a similar price with many vendors. Every scanner has its own virtues, I like white light best, but availabe and knowledgeable support should sway your decision. (also watch for costs that can be  kind of hidden e.g. yearly fees, high costs for any extra modules etc) . Good luck its a big decision

    Richard Green
    Delivery Boy at All Things Dental
  • 3 shape hands down. i have HAD both. i no longer have dental wings

    Brad Isbill
    Waxer at Isbill Dental Lab
  • exocad!! Medit scanners are great! Both the S.E. and the new Blue.
    We have used and sold over Fifty units, and 100% happy techs!
    Can make anything and has every single function of 3shape for 1/2 the cost over 5 year period.
    Scott @804-285-0777 (Dominion Milling Center and Prime Dental Products)
    Lowest price and best training. We run Seven Industrial mills and Foru rapid-prototype machines.
    We offer on-site milling of Ti Abutments and Bars and training for all exocad module.
    You will not find another...(more)

    Scott S.
    Works at Dominion Milling Center
  • You would love the Identica Blue Scanner powered by exocad!
    It's a completely open CAD system and doesn't have annual fees! It has a user friendly interface and is the easiest system to learn when just getting into CAD/CAM!

    I've worked with many different CAD systems over the last 13 years while working in a high production milling facility and this is by far my favorite! I have also trained doctors and technicians on the software for the last 2 1/2 years and haven't found anyone yet who isn't...(more)

    Shanda Robb
    Territory Account Manager at Axsys Dental Solutions
  • Hi there - we're a 6 person lab in Missouri - bought a 3shape last november.  The best thing we ever did! We looked at alot of other systems, but kept coming back to 3shape.  .  We also had asked around and wanted to know who provided the best training (we bought ours through Dentsply). It has cut down on production time for us like crazy. We are doing alot of Bruxzirs with it.  Love it!

    Joe P. Forte
    Owner at Technical Crown & Bridge
  • The 3Shape is ideal for entry into the digital world. 3Shape does normally have an annual fee, but they do have a promo right now that waives that fee for 3 years. Let me know if you would like some additional information if you have't received it already.

    Chris Frye
    Territory Manager at Whip Mix
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