CAD/CAM Materials

    Digital Fabrication

    PEARSON DENTAL SUPPLY introduces CAD/CAM wax discs, CAD/CAM PMMA discs, zirconia framework discs, zirconia full contour discs and framework blocks in all...

    Denture Teeth


    PEARSON DENTAL introduces Naturadent Vacuum Fired Porcelain Teeth available in VITA and New Hue Shades and NaturaTone 3-Layer Plastic Teeth in New Hue Shades.

    Pearson Dental Supply Pearson II Porcelain


    PEARSON DENTAL SUPPLY's Pearson II Porcelain offers ease of handling and modeling and  immediate, accurate shades with translucency and color depth....

    ThermoJection 12 System


    Introducing the ThermoJection 12 System! It's a all in one air compressed injection machine! It has a built in heater and built in timer so you can load...

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