Diamond D® Denture Acrylic

    Product (Dentures)

    KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES’ Diamond D Denture Acrylic is an ultra-impact acrylic with excellent flexural strength. The versatile shading and spectrophotometer...

    Keystone Diamond D Denture Resin


    Diamond D denture resin from KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES is formulated for excellent working and handling characteristics for anatomic sculpting. With high impact...

    Keystone Hatho ThermoPol Set


    From KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES, the Hatho ThermoPol Set includes the Hatho Multi Layer Brush and Polistar Lintygrey Compound and is ideal for pre-polishing acrylics...

    Machine IV Vacuum Former


    The base section of the Machine IV is made from strong, lightweight thermoplastic material designed for high-temperature applications. From KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES,...

    Pro-Form Centri-fuse Kit


    The Pro-Form Centri-fuse Kit from KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES allows quick, easy and cost-effective customization of mouthguards. Add decals to any custom-formed...

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