• A1614 Microwave Sintering Oven


    The A1614 Microwave Sintering oven from SINTERING-OVENS.COM is designed for high-production labs that need to turnaround cases or remakes quickly. Microwave sintering vibrates the inside and outside molecules...

  • BruxZir FastFire Furnace


    GLIDEWELL DIRECT's easy-to-operate BruxZir FastFire Furnace is specially designed for sintering milled BruxZir Solid Zirconia restorations. Featuring a new, higher-efficiency design, it offers four molybdenum...

  • CAD/CAM Equipment

    Digital Fabrication

    Known for its discounted equipment and supplies from over 100 manufacturers, HARRIS DISCOUNT SUPPLY now offers a wide selection of CAD/CAM products including milling machines, scanners, sintering furnaces...

  • Celtra™ Duo Zirconia-reinforced Lithium Silicate

    Product (Zirconia) · Consumables

    Celtra™ Duo from DENTSPLY is a new class of materials for high strength glass ceramics with the NEW zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate - ZLS. The outstanding chemical properties of ZLS provide...

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  • Ceramill Argotherm® Furnace


    AMANN GIRRBACH AMERICA's new Ceramill Argotherm sinter furnace was specifically developed for its new Sintron® CrCo blank for non-precious metal restorations. The patented core of the system is the...

  • Ceramill CAD/CAM System

    Product (Digital Fabrication) · Digital Fabrication

    AMANN GIRRBACH's Ceramill System is a complete CAD/CAM solution, featuring scanners, design software, mills, furnaces and materials all engineered to work together for maximum accuracy and efficiency....

  • DC100 Sintering Furnace


    Developed for zirconia ceramics, the DC100 from VISION USA is fully programmable and has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1,600°C for highly translucent zirconia. It incorporates an industrial-grade...

  • Dekema Austromat baSiC® Furnace


    Available from JENSEN DENTAL, Dekema's Austromat baSiC sintering oven features even temperature management and heat distribution and quality thermocouples and heating elements. Featuring innovative technology,...

  • Dekema Austromat® 654 Furnace


    Available from JENSEN DENTAL, Dekema's Austromat 654 is a combination pressing/firing furnace that offers accurate temperature control, timing and plunger travel management. It also offers quality heating...

  • EP 3000


    The new generation of the EP 3000 is the all-rounder in the laboratory. The combi furnace may be used as both a press furnace and a ceramic furnace.

  • HotSpot 110 Furnace


    ZIRCAR ZIRCONIA offers the HotSpot 110 zirconia sintering furnace in two models: 1,600°C rated and 1,700°C rated. They are openly programmable and easy to install and use. The chamber holds two...

  • HT Speed by Mihm Vogt Furnace


    The HT Speed by Mihm Vogt from ZUBLER USA features 90-minute zirconia speed sintering cycles as well as regular cycles. It has six MoSi2 heating elements, a maximum temperature of 1,650°C and quality...

  • IMAGE-Press Furnace


    IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES' new IMAGE-Press combination press/porcelain furnace is designed for pressing all materials, including lithium disilicate, and bakes all low- and high-fusing porcelains along with...

  • LHT 02/17 LB Speed Furnace


    NABERTHERM GmbH's LHT 02/17 LB Speed furnace is perfectly suited for sintering translucent zirconia up to 1,650°C. It has an Integrated Speed Cooling System and special heating elements made of molydenum...

  • LHT 03/17 D Furnace


    NABERTHERM GmbH's LHT 03/17 D is a high-temperature chamber furnace ideal for sintering translucent zirconia units up to 1,650°C. It offers ease of operation and special molybdenum discilicide heating...

  • Multimat® NTX & NTXPRESS

    Product (Furnaces) · Equipment

    DENTSPLY recently Introducing the two new premium Multimat® NTX and NTXPRESS units. Both furnaces include programs for firing porcelain. The NTXPRESS also presses all-ceramics, including lithium disilicates....

  • NeyFire™ T Porcelain Furnace


    The new DENTSPLY NeyFire T porcelain furnace delivers mobile, touch-command screen functionality and ceramic fire-power in a small footprint. Manage the 1,600-program capacity on a USB stick, which allows...

  • Origin® DuoTron™ Pro Furnace


    The Origin DuoTron Pro from B&D DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES provides fast zirconia sintering and production speeds, while decreasing production costs. Different sintering modes are also available. You can sinter...

  • Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace


    The Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace from WHIP MIX is affordable and designed with cutting-edge technology. It has advanced cycles for IPS e.max®, In-Ceram®, Wol-Ceram®, Captek™, sintered alloys...

  • ProCal Calibration Device


    WHIP MIX's ProCal Calibration Device both checks and recalibrates the temperature settings on Pro 200 Series furnaces. The easy-to-use device features automatic calibration—no manual adjustment is...

  • Programat EP5000 Press Furnace

    Product (Furnaces) · Equipment

    The second generation of the Programat EP 5000 Combi furnace is easy to operate - thanks to its graphic high-resolution colour display with the convenient touch screen function and the proven membrane-sealed...

  • Programat P300


    With its compact design, the Programat P300 of the second generation concentrates on the essentials.

  • Programat P310 and P510


    IVOCLAR VIVADENT's re-engineered and redesigned Programat P510 and P310 furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art features and QTK2 muffle technology. They distribute the temperature in the firing chamber...

  • Programat P700


    The Programat P700 of the second generation is an absolute highlight among ceramic furnaces.

  • Programat® S1 Furnace


    The Programat S1 furnace from IVOCLAR VIVADENT sinters single-tooth zirconia restorations in only 75 minutes. It's compact and lightweight with a heating element designed for intensive everyday use. The...

  • Programat S1 Sintering Furnace

    Product (Furnaces) · Equipment

    The Programat S1 is a light-weight and compact sintering furnace for the sintering of frameworks made of IPS e.max ZirCAD and other ZrO2 materials. Its particular advantage is the short processing time...

  • ProPress 200 and ProPress SP Furnaces


    The ProPress 200 and ProPress SP from WHIP MIX are designed for cutting-edge pressing. Both furnaces have advanced cycles for IPS e.max® and Captek. The ProPress SP monitors the glass flow, sensing...

  • Purge ZR


    Purge ZR (Zirconia Furnace Decontaminator) is a double-activated ion and oxide-absorbing material that eliminates contaminates that can cause discoloration and porcelain delamination in zirconia copings....

  • Renfert Magma Pre-heating Furnace


    This furnace unifies all the main elements necessary for pre-heating, all in one machine. Apart from the top technology such as the Pt-RhPt temperature sensor, the four sided heating chamber and the hidden...

  • SinterMax T1700 LE Furnace

    Product (Furnaces) · Equipment

    From SINTERINGOVENS.COM, the new all-digital SinterMax T1700 LE features two-hour sintering of zirconia copings and the higher temperatures needed for maximum translucency of full contour zirconia. It...

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