LAB DAY Chicago 2015
Feb 27-28
Chicago, IL
LAB DAY West 2015
May 1-2
Garden Grove, CA
LAB DAY East 2015
Saturday Sep 19
Atlantic City, NJ

    3D BioCAD Digital Technologies

    Digital Fabrication

    3D BIOCAD is a Roland, Stratasys and 3Shape dealer. As a dealer of 3Shape’s TRIOS intraoral scanner, the company can help you offer the latest in...

    Cora Refining Services

    CORA REFINING has been providing refining services for the dental industry for over 35 years, assaying gold, palladium and silver. The company provides...

    Custom Abutments

    Using the latest in CAD/CAM technology and open architecture systems, CMC fabricates custom abutments in zirconia or titanium that are compatible with...

    Dental Laboratory Concepts

    DENTAL LABORATORY CONCEPTS offers more than 18 years of international outsourcing experience, quick and reliable turnaround times, value-added pricing,...

    3Shape Dental System™ 2013

    Digital Fabrication

    3SHAPES's Dental System 2013 includes the D500-series for small to medium labs, and the D800 high-end scanners with 5.0 MP and Texture Scanning for capturing...

    3Z Lab Wax Printer

    Product (Digital Fabrication)
    Digital Fabrication

    SOLIDSCAPE’s next generation 3D printer, the 3Z Lab wax printer, is specifically designed for today’s dental laboratory digital workflow needs. It...

    450i Milling Machine

    Product (Milling)
    Digital Fabrication

    BROADWAY DENTAL'€™s 450i compact and versatile milling machine features a solid chassis construction, high performance/high frequency spindle up to 60,000rpm...

    Acrylic Teeth

    Product (Acrylic)

    HUGE DENTAL MATERIAL CO. manufactures seven types of acrylic teeth with different materials and molds in 16 A-D shades. The company is looking for U.S....

    AD2 Articulator


    AD2'€™s newest articulator features a polished, anodized finish; an interchangeable incisal pin; magnetic centric latch retention; and complete interchangeability...


    Tools / Services

    Ninety percent of Afghans cannot access dental care in their area and often die due to chronic infections. The AFGHANISTAN DENTAL RELIEF PROJECT transforms...

    American Denturist College

    Tools / Services

    The mission of AMERICAN DENTURIST COLLEGE is to provide an exceptional level of academic and technical education through traditional and distance modes...

    Arti-Fol® Occlusion Films


    BAUSCH ARTICULATING PAPERS’ Arti-Fol Occlusion films are especially suitable for representing static and dynamic occlusion in several colors. The first...

    Arum VersaMILL 5X

    Digital Fabrication

    The VersaMILL 5X Milling Center from Axsys Dental Solutions is a 5-Axis, production dental mill providing high throughput with superior accuracy and finishes...

    Baker Dental Alloys

    Product (Alloys)

    The Baker line includes over 50 precision-blended alloys and solders in a large assortment of colors and strengths to meet all esthetic needs. Baker produces...

    B&D Technologies ORIGIN® System

    Digital Fabrication

    The newly introduced Origin-Haas 5HD milling center enables your laboratory to create custom bars and implants with precision and accuracy. The Origin...

    Bench Lathe and Filter Hood Kit


    From FOREDOM ELECTRIC, this powerful, variable-speed lathe with tapered spindles is compact enough for use at the workbench. Its 1/6-HP, high-torque, permanent...

    Biostar VI With Scan Technology


    The Biostar VI with Scan Technology from GREAT LAKES ORTHODONTICS allows you to fabricate hard and soft appliances in half the time of conventional methods....

    Bluebell Acrylic Teeth

    Product (Dentures)

    AMERICAN HUGE DENTAL's Bluebell acrylic teeth offer a wide selection of anterior molds; posteriors in 33 °, 28 °, 20 °, 10 ° and 0 °;...

    Boss® Pillow Box


    WHOLESALE DENTAL SUPPLY's Boss Pillow Box is a crown box made of clear plastic with two clear membranes. When a single crown or a three-unit bridge is...

    CAD/CAM System 5-TEC

    Digital Fabrication

    The CAD/CAM System 5-TEC by ZIRKONZAHN in the 5-axis + 1 configuration is indicated for almost all dental technology uses and with all materials. This...

    Captek® High-Gold Restorations


    CAPTEK BY ARGEN is an ideal solution for producing quality, high-gold crowns and bridges. This unique non-oxidizing PFM system offers excellent esthetics,...

    Ceramic Lab Cutters


    KOMET’s Ceramic Lab Cutters feature durable, high-performance ceramic heads, allowing acrylic materials to be precisely shaped, trimmed and cut without...

    Ceramill Motion 2 Milling Machine

    Product (Ceramill CAD/CAM System)
    Digital Fabrication

    The Ceramill Motion 2 mill from AMANN GIRRBACH AMERICA is a compact, upgradeable, and versatile hybrid CNC machine that allows laboratories to control...

    CFS Injection System


    From CFS DENTAL, CFS flexible is a complete injection system for fabricating unbreakable flexible partial dentures. The material offers excellent physical...



    ASTRON DENTAL’s Clearsplint—a flexible, clear composite that is self-adjusting upon insertion—is available in firm and flexible. Free of methylmethacrylate,...

    Compact Steam Cleaners


    BAR INSTRUMENTS’ American-made steam cleaners are virtually maintenance free and require no chemicals or installation. Covered by a two-year warranty,...

    Composite Resin Teeth


    YAMAHACHI DENTAL PRODUCTS USA’s composite resin teeth feature a three-layer structure, are available in VITA® shades and have a surface hardness that...

    Continuing Education

    Tools / Services

    IDEA is a continuing dental education center with a world-renowned faculty. On April 19-20, IDEA hosts A Challenge to Natural Teeth—A Trusted Esthetics...

    CORiTEC 240i

    Digital Fabrication

    DAL TECHNOLOGIES introduces the new, space saving and compact imes-icore CORiTEC 240i mill that offers industrial strength and precision as well as easy...

    Crystal Diamond+ Zirconia

    Product (Digital Fabrication)
    Digital Fabrication

    Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies' Crystal Zirconia is now available in a new Diamond+ formulation. It’s translucent enough for anterior full contour...

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