TiZian™ CAD/CAM System

Digital Fabrication

SCHÜTZ DENTAL GROUP's TiZian open-architecture CAD/CAM system is an economical and easy-to-use system for producing precise copings, implant-supported bars, telescopic work and bridges up to 16 units out of zirconium, castable acrylic, wax, occlusal zirconia or provisional material. The isostatically pressed zirconia blocks come in 16- and 20-mm depths in six different sizes. The nesting software allows you to place up to 30 units on one block to maximize productivity and reduce costs. You can also mill on unused portions of zirconium and acrylic blocks for increased savings. There are no bar codes, dongle fees or maintenance/software contracts required. The TiZian software includes a virtual articulator that works with all systems and an abutment designer with a library of 11 implant systems to which you can add.