Highly translucent, Suntech® Layered Zirconia crowns and bridges are virtually unbreakable and indicated for all positions within the mouth.

Our focus in innovation and promise to deliver only premium quality restorations has led us to create our own brand of CAD/CAM zirconia restorations - Suntech Zirconia - fabricated using Suntech Scan, Design and Milling technology, one of the top dental CAD/CAM systems in the world.

The model is scanned by us or a lab partner and a digital file is created. Our team of CAD/CAM technicians individually design a suitable framework. Based on accurate digital information, the crown or bridge substructure is manufactured with industrial precision using Suntech milling technology.

Porcelain is then applied by conventional porcelain layering, stained and glazed. The final crown is delivered - with the natural all-ceramic beauty your patients demand, every time!


All-ceramic Beauty

Metal-free, Suntech Zirconia relieves the problem of dark margins around the gingival line and eliminate the possibility of exposed metal margins when the gum begins to recede. Highly translucent, they allow light to refract through, and can be fabricated to match the shade of the ideal tooth core, providing the natural beauty patients look for.


The benefits and advantages of Zirconia go beyond the cosmetic factor, and its distinctive physical characteristics make it twice as durable and strong as ceramics that are alumina-based. Its high resistance to corrosion, stability to hydrolysis, flexural strength and high biocompatibility make Zirconia the material of choice in restorative dentistry.

Unparalleled Strength

Custom-milled from a solid block, the strength of the zirconia substructure is unparalleled. Once the core is formed, porcelain is layered on to the coping, making for crowns and bridges up to 16 units, virtually unbreakable and indicated for all positions within the mouth.

Precise Marginal Fit

Suntech Zirconia restorations are fabricated using Suntech design and milling technology, guaranteeing a precise marginal fit, which contributes to the reduction of chair time.

Conventional Cementation

With Suntech Layered Zirconia, no bonding is required, decreasing the chances for patient sensibility after the procedure.