SunCast® Standard Partial Dentures from Sun Dental Labs guarantee you ideal strength and biocompatibility, made possible through the use of the purest forms of chrome cobalt alloy.

Chrome cobalt removable partial dentures help natural teeth provide extra retention (grip) for a partial denture and more importantly distribute the loading and stresses of a partial denture through these natural teeth. This prevents the denture compressing and damaging delicate tissue structures surrounding those teeth.

SunCast® Premium Partial Dentures guarantee maximum strength, biocompatibility and ideal fit. Constructed of a premium chromium-cobalt partial denture alloy, SunCast Premium Partials are manufactured with a continuous casting process to provide consistency and enhanced physical properties (13% elongation). Nickel and beryllium free, SunCast Premium Partial Dentures are perfect for patients with specific metal allergies.

Use of chrome-cobalt alloys increase adjustability without the fear of breakage, which means extra strength. They also are unequaled in esthetics and continuous casting assures high quality for patients.

Benefits of SunCast® Premium Partial Dentures

  • Purest form of chrome cobalt alloy with no nickel and no beryllium.

  • Adjustability without the fear of breakage.

  • Unequalled esthetic brilliance.

  • Great for patients with metal specific allergies.