CROWNMEN specializes in refining dental scrap that is comprised of noble metals (gold, sliver, palladium, etc.) and separating it from porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, cements, glues, bone, teeth and other non-metallic materials. The company works with a proprietary technology that uses magnets, frequencies and high temperatures to ensure the maximum amount of precious metal is recovered. It offers a detailed report of the unmarked metals reclaimed during the refining process and the exact payout, free pickup and delivery and 72-hour turnaround time on payout. Payout percentages are 98% on spot price of gold, 90% on silver and 85% on palladium. CrownMen is giving away Apple Products--such as an iPod Shuffle, iPad or MacBook Air--for all first-time processing customers; the exact product depends on the size of the lot.

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