CEREC AC Connect with Bluecam

Product (Digital Impressions) · Digital Fabrication

The CEREC AC Connect with Bluecam represents chairside digital impressioning with no scan fees. Dentists who own a CEREC AC Connect system have direct access to the entire universe of inLab system owners via the SironaConnect.com web portal.

  • Unparalleled imaging precision* and optimum visibility in the patient's mouth thanks to a high-performance diode that emits blue light

  • Efficient and relaxed working thanks to the automatic image triggering function. An entire quadrant can be digitally scanned in less than one minute

  • Extensive depth of field ensures optimum imaging fidelity at the preparation margin

  • The enhanced precision of the CEREC AC and the CEREC Bluecam form the basis for creating Sirona Connect models for dental laboratories

Benefits for inLab users:

  • Increase your customer base

  • Save time and money with digital impressions from CEREC AC Connect dentists

  • Superior precision and consistent quality of CEREC AC Connect digital

  • Immediate feedback and better understanding of customer needs: both you and the dentist can review the planned restoration on your computers and discuss the

  • Result of a study by Prof. Dr. Mehl (Zurich University, 2008): Accuracy of depth measurement: 19 µm.