Ceramill Sintron CrCo sinter metal allows laboratories to dry mill non-precious metal restorations in-house using desktop milling machines. The metal, developed by AMANN GIRRBACH in collaboration with Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden, has a wax-like texture so it's easily milled with either the Ceramill Motion or Ceramill Motion 2 milling machines and also minimizes wear and tear on tools. Because it is dry-milled, cooling is unnecessary. The CrCo blanks can then be sintered using the Ceramill Argotherm® sinter furnace, specifically developed for this indication. For details, call 800-851-3719 or visit www.amanngirrbach.com. For a Ceramill System demonstration in your area, call 866-587-3498 or visit www.ceramilldemodays.com.