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Celtra™ Duo from DENTSPLY is a new class of materials for high strength glass ceramics with the NEW zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate - ZLS. The outstanding chemical properties of ZLS provide a unique microstructure, allowing for exquisite Beauty, Strength and Speed. Like a graceful, yet powerful steed, Celtra delivers exceptional performance, including optimized balance of translucency, fluorescence and opalescence, reduced crystal size which serves to increase flexural strength, and a fine microstructure for processing speed efficiencies.

Celtra Duo's secret is in its special DNA. Its fine microstructure allows for translucency, while providing strength to the restoration. The zirconia is automatically dissolved into the lithium silicate glass matrix so that it increases the flexural strength, yet still allows chameleon-like esthetics.

Like triple-stranded DNA, CELTRA embodies unique properties, tied to its threefold functional zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate microstructure, yielding properties of:

  • Beauty - Increased glass content visibly improves translucency and facilitates in-depth opalescence and fluorescence

  • Strength - 10% dissolved zirconia reinforces the glass matrix without clouding it, and yields very high flexural strength properties. Process to the strength and time options for the case requirements: 370 MPa, which is greater than lithium disilicate, can be achieved in less time. Or 210 MPa, which is 75% higher strength than glass ceramics, can be achieved in the same time.

  • Speed - The ultrafine microstructure of the glass ceramic crystals (<1 μm) allows for easy, fast processing of the ZLS material, which can be finished and polished in its final, crystallized, tooth-colored state.

While Celtra material is state-of-the-art technology, its process utilizes the same furnaces as to process conventional C&B porcelain, and the same CAM units, namely the Sirona inLab MC XL, as to mill all-ceramics. Expand Services - with no extra investment! A nice timesaver provided by Celtra Duo is that post-mill, the single-unit crown (anterior / posterior), inlay and onlay restorations are correctly shaded, with no additional crystallization step required. If desired, restorations can be customized with the Celtra™ Universal Stain & Glaze System, which can also be used with most porcelain systems, as well as zirconia and lithium disilicate structures.

The industry asked and DENTSPLY delivered. Celtra Duo marks a new era in high strength glass-ceramics, providing Beauty, Strength, Speed in one convenient system. Now, there are high-strength glass ceramic options. That's Lab Smarter®.

  • For more information, call your DENTSPLY Prosthetics representative, 1.800.243.1942.