TiZian™ Smart Scan

SCHUTZ Dental Group, Inc. · Digital Fabrication

The new TiZian Smart Scan from SCHUTZ scans up to 72% faster and features a large field of view (80x60x80mm). High-precision scans for complex works such as large-span restorations and implant-supported bars can be created with short scan times: scan a single die in 59 seconds or a full jaw in 92 seconds....See more

  • Tizian™ Smart Scan Operates 70% Faster

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · Apr 2013

    Schutz's new desktop-size scanner, the Tizian Smart Scan, features an optical light and large-capacity scanning bay that allows you to scan fully articulated models with most articulation systems. In addition,...See more

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