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  • Understanding Liens and Garnishments
    Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates


    This article explores what you need to do to enforce your claims after you have gone to court to enforce a debt. It describes the operation of liens-claims against property of the debtor-and garnishments-a legal process of attaching the debtor’s property such as bank accounts, accounts receivable or wages to satisfy your claim.

    Garnishments are typically used after you’ve won in court and need to reach debtor’s assets.

    A lien is a legal claim that comes into effect by operation of the law. A lien attached to property and can...See more

  • Upcoming course!
    Dana Glina · none at Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

    Join us in Burbank, CA at ATC for the Ultimate Esthetics with IPS e.max Ceram Power System, and Ivocolor Staining System. This is a brand new course, instructed by Jack Marrano, CDT. — tagged 3 membersATC (Advanced Technology Center)
    Jack Marrano, CDT
    Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

  • Upcoming Course
    Dana Glina · none at Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

    Join us on April 28 & 29 for the IPS e.max Play Workshop with Jessica Birrell, CDT at ATC in Burbank, CA.

    Topics covered will include:
    • Full-contour build-up/posterior coping
    • Full-contour build-up/ anterior coping
    • Anterior facial layering
    • Micro-layering
    • Posterior Stain & Glaze — tagged Jessica Birrell, CDT

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