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  • Making the Clear choice, the ThermoDent Clear choice!

    On Saturday August 22nd ThermoDent along with Posca Dental Manufacturing in Orange, CA will be holding a training course on how to fabricate a fully functional and aesthetic ThermoDent Clear Framework. These frameworks are great for patients who prefer no metal or are sensitive to tissue clasps that flexible partials tend to impinge on. We will be covering the following during the course:
    • Design
    • Block out
    • Duplication
    • Waxing
    • Flasking
    • Injection
    • Finish
    • Polish
    The course is $150 nonrefundable but upon completion of the course you are able to use it as credit towards...See more

  • Making Work FUN
    Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    How many times have you gotten some highly creative idea after watching or playing with your child?

    Creating an environment with the sheer energy, excitement, and creative enthusiasm of a child is something that businesses needs to understand and nurture.

    The excitement that emanates from a playful work environment is directly related to the ability of the work force to apply these creative ideas to solving problems, and creating innovations in products and services.

    Think about the creative process this way. Imagine an idea as a round ball thrown onto a meeting table. In a structured...See more

  • March 1985: Changing Dental Practices

    The number of large group dental practices increased 25% between 2010 and 2012, according to the ADA. Almost 30 years ago, Marcel Kapulica, Founder of Empire Dental Laboratory, predicted the growth of those practices and made several other right-on forecasts:

    "I foresee an increase in the number of HMOs and PPOs; they are wooing dentists by trading advantages such as marketing and management services and the promise of generating more patients for the practices. The tradeoff, though, is discounted fees and it places even more pricing pressure on dental laboratories. In addition to HMOs and...See more

  • May 2009: ADA Releases Results of Lead Study

    When the controversy over the possibility of lead in PFM restorations arose in 2008, the ADA conducted an independent study to determine the degree to which lead may be present in crowns. In 2009, it released the results of this study, which found only trace amounts of the naturally occurring element in 44 different porcelain powders and 102 finished porcelain-metal crowns produced by domestic and foreign dental laboratories. The results ranged from below detectable to 113 parts per million (ppm) in the 44 porcelain powders, and an average of 46ppm in the crowns.

    "Based on all the information...See more

  • Medit Identica Light: Fast, Reliable, Affordable

    Looking for a great lab scanner and a great tax write off? Consider the Medit Identica Light. High accuracy, fast scan times and rock solid reliability backed by our US based service and support. MSRP $8995. Contact your Medit reseller for our special offer: FREE articulator scanning module (a $700 value). — tagged Medit Identica Light Scanner and Medit Corp.

  • Most efficient workflow for entering and scanning cases?

    Question: Most efficient workflow for entering and scanning cases? We've talked to several folks who have a single technician that enters and scans using multiple 3Shape scanners at a rate of 3.5 minutes per. Just curious as to how that workflow looks... — tagged 3Shape, Inc.

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