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  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In this issue of the Dental Post's: 1) What if The Job Could Talk? 2) A Winning Formula for Marketing to Existing and Past Customers. 3) The FDA Medical Device Excise Tax Update and IRS Proposed Ruling. 4) A Winning Formula for Positive Tele-prospecting. 5) The Financial Ratio Analysis Encyclopedia

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In this Issue: 1) Five factors that affect the value of your business. 2) A winning formula for positive tele-prospecting results 3) The powerful act of coaching employees 4) Lean in sales and marketing 5) Introduction to the Dental Appliance Manufacturer Audit System

  • Making Work FUN
    Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    How many times have you gotten some highly creative idea after watching or playing with your child?

    Creating an environment with the sheer energy, excitement, and creative enthusiasm of a child is something that businesses needs to understand and nurture.

    The excitement that emanates from a playful work environment is directly related to the ability of the work force to apply these creative ideas to solving problems, and creating innovations in products and services.

    Think about the creative process this way. Imagine an idea as a round ball thrown onto a meeting table. In a structured...See more

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In this issue: 1. Managing Products for Profit Performance 2. The Proper Foundation for Your Content Marketing 3. Making Work Fun 10 Tips for Working a Trade Show

  • Understanding Liens and Garnishments
    Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates


    This article explores what you need to do to enforce your claims after you have gone to court to enforce a debt. It describes the operation of liens-claims against property of the debtor-and garnishments-a legal process of attaching the debtor’s property such as bank accounts, accounts receivable or wages to satisfy your claim.

    Garnishments are typically used after you’ve won in court and need to reach debtor’s assets.

    A lien is a legal claim that comes into effect by operation of the law. A lien attached to property and can...See more

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In This Issue: Understanding Liens and Garnishments. Is Branding Enough to Make Social Sell? Strategies for Constructive Criticism. Qualifying the Right Business in Today's Economy

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In This Issue: How to get paid. Improve email open rates. Prepare for the turnover tsunami. Sales prospecting in today's economy.

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Prepare for the Turnover Tsunami
    The latest employment news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a surprising trend that could be very bad news for small-business owners, depending on whether you're trying to hire employees or hang on to the ones you have.

    More Americans are Quitting Their Jobs
    Still not convinced that your employees are eager to move on? Consider this surprising news: More people quit their jobs in February, March and April than were laid off, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The last time resignations outnumbered layoffs was late 2008. Almost 2 million people...See more

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Because the availability of credit has a direct relation to the business’s sales and profits, establishment of a credit policy is a central concern in business planning.

    A credit policy essentially establishes three criteria:
    1. Credit availability - Will credit be freely available or will it be restricted?
    2. Credit limits - How much credit will customers be granted?
    3. Repayment terms - When is payment required?

    Positive Effects of Credit
    The availability of credit will directly affect the firm’s sales volume. Since credit makes it easier for potential...See more

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    Do you have what it takes to lead your team to the top? The most common-and fatal-hiring mistake is to find someone with the right skills but the wrong mindset and hire them on the theory. "We can change 'em." At our Hire for Attitude seminar series, you'll gain those legal and effective tools that you can use and implement immediately into your business. A great course to attend for owners, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and HR personnel. To sign up today, or find out more information visit the link below.

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    The Best B-to-B Email Marketing Practices

    We hear e-mail marketing is becoming obsolete and social networking is morphing into the medium of choice for online communication. But in the B-to-B community, it hasn’t happened yet.

    So, what are some of the best practices in B-to-B e-mail marketing today?

    A. E-lists

    To begin, instead of renting lists and sending emails to cold prospects, get people to opt-in to your e-list. Then concentrate on email marketing to your house file.

    Emails to house file lists generates two to three times the click through rate (CTR) or higher than outside lists....See more

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    Using Sales Flyers Correctly

    This is the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way for a business to immediately jump-start their sales, start bringing in the numbers, and take the first step towards getting cold calling out of their lives.

    One thing to keep in mind with sales flyers: the effects are definitely cumulative. It will take some time before the calls start coming in consistently, but believe me, they will.

    Flyers â€" To Do List
    Sit down and create a good one-page flyer based on the following principles. Include your main contact information and be sure to have a simple faxback form...See more

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Here are the basic steps used by "Lean" laboratories when solving a problem.


    1. Clarify the problem.
    2. Set the target - i.e. what does success look like.
    3. Determine the problem's Point of Cause - not always where it became apparent!
    4. Go and observe the process at the Point of Cause to determine the Direct Cause - Fishbone Diagrams
    can be useful here.
    5. Implement a temporary solution to fix the Direct Cause.
    6. Identify the underlying Root Cause - The 5 Whys are a good tool to do this (Note a person is never the
    Root Cause).
    7. Determine and implement a solution to...See more

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