• Frank Munzenmayer, CDT · Consultant at Henry Schein / Zahn

    Implant Overdentures Some New Innovations
    Sterngold · LAB DAY Chicago 2014

    Frank Munzenmayer, CDT, and James Ellison, CDT, present three methods for stabilizing overdentures, including a new bar system that eliminates complexity while significantly reducing fabrication time and expense, a freestanding abutment system that allows for true angle correction of misaligned implants, and a small diameter implant system that explores the area of immediate load.

    Pre-registration recommended.

    For more information: Call Vickie Savino at 800-243-9942

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    James Ellison, CDT
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  • Over the weekend, Andy and I went to see the fabulous Frank Munzenmayer (AKA- Frankie Munz) and we wanted to share! — tagged Frank Munzenmayer, CDT

  • Looking forward to seeing some old friends and colleagues at Lab Day East in NYC this weekend.
    Pick up some CE credits and attend some courses. — tagged LAB DAY East 2012

  • Frank Munzenmayer, CDT · Consultant at Henry Schein / Zahn

    Looking very forward to seeing old friends and colleagues (and meeting new ones) in Chicago this coming week. Be sure to stop by the Cendres+Metaux booth at Lab Day and pick up some credits at our informative Technical Clinics Saturday morning as well.
    Cheers everyone.

  • Frank Munzenmayer, CDT · Consultant at Henry Schein / Zahn

    Log onto www.sfi-bar.com and let me know what you think. I think you'll find this technique very interesting.

  • Frank Munzenmayer, CDT · Consultant at Henry Schein / Zahn

    A very unique technique that will make you wonder "where has this been all these years?"

    Raising the Bar: An Implant Bar Technique that Eliminates Casting, Soldering, Welding & Milling

    With a track record of over 2,100 placements and a 99.3% success rate, the Cendres+Métaux Stress Free Implant (SFI) Bar technique is an innovative solution for removable dentures on implants; it can be used in both jaws and for newly fabricated as well as pre-existing dentures. In his Powerpoint and...

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