• Hello kent and everyone, I'm starting to hear about problems with zirconia abutments and fractures. I need to look into it a bit more, I haven't had any of mine come back for a remake. It seems to me there would be more trouble with the solid zirconia v.s the Ti base. Monolithic screw retained may be the best way to go for posteriors, emax or zir as long as it has the Ti base. Any thoughts? Hey Kent, congrat's on the new position. — tagged 3 topicsZirconia
    Kent Kohli, CDT

  • Just participated in a digital forum at Whip Mix where Dr. Russell Giordano discussed the material science and dynamics of Zirconia and Zirconia layering ceramics.... lots of "i's" and "t's" to dot and cross if you really want to ensure a scientifically sound interface between your Zr substrate and the Zr core... one thing he advocated in particular, and I know we have heard different variations on this from a variety of Zr and Zr layering mfg.s, but he stated quite emphatically, that anytime one introduces stress (grinding and/or finishing of Zr frames and full-contour Zr restorations) that a...See more — tagged Whip Mix Corp.

  • Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on screw-retained, full contour, hybrid Zr bridges? How many of us are doing full-arch reconstructions? How about full-mouth, all in protected, full-contour Zr? That is to say, full Zr occlusals (posteriors) and lingual/incisal edge protection (anteriors?) What have been your experiences? Long-term experiences especially...

  • Kent Kohli, CDT · Fixed Facilitator at NDX National Dentex Corp.

    My fellow technicians, anyone interested in collaborating with like-minded professionals from the lab industry and clinical industry should consider this program. Many of us complain that there isn't enough collaborative educational opportunities to elevate ourselves in our clinical peers' eyes... well, this one is slated to be great! AND, it's absolutely free admittance to the laboratory profession at large. If you're well on your way into the digital age of dentistry, cautiously considering it or not sure... join our professional partners and explore the possibilities...!!!

    Nov 29
    Greater New York Dental Meeting 2013 and Collaboration 2013

    The Greater New York Dental Meeting is the largest dental show in the U.S., offering a choice of seminars, table demonstrations, workshops and exhibits.

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