• Elkie Lumagui, DDS · CEO at Tooth & Go Dental Clinic

    Tooth and Go Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental services to our international client since 2009. Our aim is to provide our patients with dental services that focuses on balancing aesthetics with functionality. Patient satisfaction is our number one priority so all concerns will be valued and suggestions will be appreciated. In the recent years we were trained in the field of implant dentistry and implant prosthodontics by multiple german dental institutes such as the IPI in Munich/Germany, Westerburger Kontakte, Dental School in Tuebingen/Germany and others .
    Our state of the art...See more — tagged Elkie Lumagui, DDS

  • September 1985: The 80s' Most Significant Technological Advances

    In our first-ever State of the Industry survey, LMT asked readers to indicate the most significant technological advances that occurred between 1980 and 1985. Here's what they said:

    • All ceramic crowns (Dicor and Cerestore)
    • Laminate veneers/facings
    • Computerized/automated porcelain furnaces, burnout machines and casting machines
    • Light-cured resins
    • Semi-precious and non-precious alloys

    Looking at this list in hindsight, which of these five advances would you say had the most dramatic, lasting effect on your work?

  • Gary Kasper · Owner/Dental Technician at Bennett Dental Lab

    Hi, everyone! ... Does anybody have any suggestions for a refractory material that works well with Shofu Vintage porcelain feldspathic veneers?...Would appreciate any comments

  • We recently pressed a full contour emax veneer case. Everything came out grate with the pressing. Just one problem..could not glaze them well or even at all — tagged IPS E.max and Veneers

  • Jose Walter · Owner at Bam! Dental Products

    Here's a great read and a way for creating greater dental lab awareness of the dental lab industry and for educating (a technique) the dental patient on "good" restorative dentistry. Though the blog talks about veneers...the same message can be applied to crowns, bridges, and implants.

  • Walter Orellana · Director of Marketing and Sales at Excel Dental Studios

    Did you know that Twitter can be a useful tool in finding new customers or leading potential patients directly into the office of your clients.

    Example; The other day I came across a tweet where a female was looking into doing non-prep veneers but it turns out that in her part of town the dentist in her area didn't offer the brand she wanted. This troubled her due to being solely focused on the brand name itself and the laboratory that fabricates them.

    So after connecting with her I shared some information about the different styles/brands of non-prep veneers out in the market, I was able to...See more

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