• September 1985: The 80s' Most Significant Technological Advances

    In our first-ever State of the Industry survey, LMT asked readers to indicate the most significant technological...See more

  • Gary Kasper · Owner/Dental Technician at Bennett Dental Lab

    Hi, everyone! ... Does anybody have any suggestions for a refractory material that works well with Shofu...See more

  • Alisa & Joe Sofinski · Owner/Technician at AFX Dental Technology

    We recently pressed a full contour emax veneer case. Everything came out grate with the pressing. Just...See more

  • Jose Walter · Owner at Bam! Dental Products

    Here's a great read and a way for creating greater dental lab awareness of the dental lab industry and...See more

  • Walter Orellana · Director, Sales & Marketing at Excel Studios

    Did you know that Twitter can be a useful tool in finding new customers or leading potential patients...See more

  • Mark Jackson, RDT The BRIDGE

    I've been telling everybody for ten years this was going to happen! This is MAJOR MAJOR news. The monolithic crown battle just stepped up to a whole new level!

    June 13, 2012 · 13

    I'm a bit behind on this resin talk I guess. Is this like a milled Radica, or better? Can it compete...See more

  • Thanks Jack, I hate no prep veneers lol! We can spend waaaaaay too much time on them due to the amount...See more

  • minimal to no prep veneers......I like it! not only is this a testament to your workmanship, but also...See more

  • Mary Brown, CDT The BRIDGE

    What pressing material is everyone using? I was using 3 g and I am having alot of fractuing and I do not really pleased with e max.

    October 25, 2011 · 5

    Hello Mary, I suggest you take a look at PM9 pressing system from VITA. It features 3 levels of translucency...See more

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