• How many of you are pressing your emax restorations using a furnace other then Ivoclar??? Which furnace...See more

  • I'm considering purchasing a 3 shape scanner soon. I've been evaluating various workflows and was wondering...See more — tagged 3Shape, Inc. and Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP)

  • January 2008: LMT Readers Forecast CAD/CAM Growth

    Our 2008 Digital Technology survey found that CAD/CAM-milled restorations made up 19% of respondents'...See more

  • May 2009: ADA Releases Results of Lead Study

    When the controversy over the possibility of lead in PFM restorations arose in 2008, the ADA conducted...See more

  • Argen Digital Offers ArgenPMMA Temps
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Argen Digital now offers ArgenPMMA Temps, an esthetic temporary solution available in 16 classic Vita...See more

  • Earn CE credits and a win FREE product!
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Don't miss your opportunity to earn CE credits and win FREE product at Lab Day Chicago! 5 attendees per...See more

  • Superior Surface Finishes
    Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions · Wixom, MI

    Whether its abutments, bars, bridges, individual or multi-unit restorations, the strength and rigidity...See more

  • Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions · Wixom, MI

    New DOCERAM Product Line: Teeth like Pearls - Tuesday, November 05, 2013
    The trend towards monolithic...See more

  • A 'Man vs. Machine' Challenge

    Dan O' Rourke put out a challenge to our industry and the LMT editorial team and I are intrigued by his...See more — tagged Dan O'Rourke, CDT

  • Heraeus Kulzer · South Bend, IN

    Check out our new powder-free, scannable impressiong material Flexitime® Fast & Scan. This materials...See more

  • Whip Mix Corp. · Louisville, KY

    e.MAX® has become a very useful and well accepted tool for dental restorations. Here are some tips...See more

  • DENTSPLY Prosthetics will be at the American Dental Association Annual Meeting: October 31-November 2,...See more

  • Just participated in a digital forum at Whip Mix where Dr. Russell Giordano discussed the material science...See more — tagged Whip Mix Corp.

  • Marco Felix, RDT · Owner at Phoenix Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Hi! Which marker do you use for your refractory dies? Can you please share the product name/brand and supplier? Thanks!

  • Understanding scanning and milling is only a piece of the CAD CAM puzzle. Learn the chemistry and physical...See more


    When you buy a Zenotec® mini we will...See more

    Wieland Zenotec® Mini
    Product (Milling) · Digital Fabrication

    High-Tech does not have to be supersized. The ultra-compact Zenotec mini milling system simply radiates effi ciency and quality. In conjunction with a scanner and a PC, we can condense your lab to desktop dimensions. Wieland Dental...

  • Just in case you still are not sure how becoming TRIOS Ready will benefit your lab, here are a few pointers...See more

  • Flemming Behrend, MDT Ask the Ivoclar Vivadent All-Ceramics Manager

    I would love to hear other technicians take on this. I have tried many different approaches but it still seems random when I get a really good glaze on an eMax crown. I don't fancy super glazed crowns but I find it hard to achieve a natural shine.

    February 11, 2013 · 13

    I have switched my method for glazing. I appreciate Jessica's suggestions and have started using a "wet"...See more

  • It looks very nice. Is it solid Zirconia or layered? I wax up all my Zirconia restorations and send the...See more

  • Andrew Young Cutting Edge Dental Lab Production Software

    I'm looking for a software developer to create a full manufacturing / cost accounting / financial accounting software package for dental labs. It seems like no one has this capability right now. Why do almost all current packages track and analyze nothing more than account receivables, record payroll,...

    January 9, 2014 · 5

    I agree that Quickbooks is comprehensive, but it is a general accounting system and not specific to dental....See more

  • Alisa & Joe Sofinski CAD/CAM Technicians

    We had Sirona in lab rap in our lab lest Wednesday. We loved what we heard but not sure if we would make right choice by just going w them or shopping other system. What we like the most is that we would be able to do all staps ourselves from reciving files (just from cerec-ussers since they are closed...

    November 19, 2013 · 4

    I have been working with Cerec inLab since 2002. The system is a very powerful tool in the fabrication...See more

  • Judy Fishman CAD/CAM Technicians

    Can you guys share your thoughts to help these lab owners?

    November 19, 2013 · 7

    3shape system is a good choice. Very easy to use. But prepare to pay an annual fee (around 1,000?) Another...See more

  • Scott Hemmes Dental Implant Technicians

    Hello kent and everyone, I'm starting to hear about problems with zirconia abutments and fractures. I need to look into it a bit more, I haven't had any of mine come back for a remake. It seems to me there would be more trouble with the solid zirconia v.s the Ti base. Monolithic screw retained may be...

    October 14, 2013 · 2

    Dr. Giordano referenced some research being done by Dr. Rella Christensen @ TRAC Research... said...See more

  • Jim Thacker The Pros and Cons of Working With Large Practices

    I would think that 23% is too high perhaps 23% of respondents? If the line in the sand is 20 dentists, there aren't many laboratories that can handle that kind of volume. You would need the technicians and the space to support the customer and you would face constant pricing pressures. Large practices...

    September 4, 2013 · 3

    Hi Jim, yesâ€"we mean the percentage of respondents. However, keep in mind that many of these large...See more

  • It's been almost a year since LMT shared the launch of Strategy Milling with the dental community and...See more

    Atlantic Precious Metal Refining Launches Strategy Milling©
    Industry News · LMT Communications, Inc. · Aug 13, 2013

    Atlantic Precious Metal Refining (Atlantic), a Pittsburgh-based precious metal refinery serving dental professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of Strategy Milling, a revolutionary state-of-the-art milling center...

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