• David Pereira · Acrylic Allergy Patient

    Help! With an Acrylic Allergy, email: davidape@gmail.com

    I am a patient from India that suffers from...See more

  • David Pereira · Acrylic Allergy Patient

    I am a patient from India that suffers from an acrylic allergy and wears a complete upper denture. A...See more

  • Anthony Vuong, DDS · Private Practice/ Attending At Lutheran Medical Center at Anthony T. Vuong, DDS/implant Orthodontics

    Does any one know if full mouth reconstruction , for example 14 units bridge , can be milled with the...See more

  • ThermoDent Inc. · Long Beach, CA

    Hey everyone! Who's ready for Lab Day East!?! Make sure to stop by and say hi this April in New York!...See more

  • I manage a one day denture clinic and my lab uses Lucitone Hy-Pro acrylic with a 2:1 ratio of Hygenic...See more — tagged Acrylic and Lucitone 199®

  • DENTSPLY Prosthetics now has an instructional video repairing a denture with DENTSPLY Repair Material....See more

  • Newbie here!! I was wondering about pourable acrylic. Who likes it and dislikes it? Ease of use? More...See more — tagged Acrylic

  • Has anyone used the Eclipse material to make temp acrylic RPDs? If so how strong is the final product? — tagged Eclipse®

  • Which pour acrylic is the best and strongest?

    I'm thinking of going to a pour technique for my dentures after 20 years of flasking and packing. Any...See more — tagged Acrylic and SR Ivocap

  • Michael LaRocque · Owner at LaRocque Dental Lab, LLC

    In regard to being a home based dental lab. I too am one of the 10 labs owners interviewed for this article....See more — tagged Home-Based Labs

  • Gary Sample · Owner at Sample Dental Prosthetics

    Who makes a stainless steel clasp wire for acrylic partials without nickel? A patient is alergic.

  • Visit the Heraeus Booth at Lab Day East to check out our new Acrylics, the Mondial i - 5 degree posterior...See more — tagged LAB DAY East 2012 and Mondial i-5° posterior teeth

  • AJ Posca, CDT · Director, Operations at Posca Brothers Dental Lab, Inc.

    ThermoDent Vs. High Impact Acrylic

  • Marc Daichman · Owner at Asteto Dental Laboratories

    Any suggestion on the brands/manufacturers of heat-cured acrylic for TEMPS any of you are using that...See more

  • Heraeus Kulzer · South Bend, IN

    Check out our new Pala Acrylics! PalaXpress ultra - our new cold cure acrylic and Paladon ultra - our...See more

    Pala Mondial & Mondial I Denture Teeth and Pala Acrylics
    Product News · Heraeus Kulzer · Dec 28, 2011

    HERAEUS' Mondial 8i -5° posterior denture teeth offer functionality and natural esthetics with lifelike flat cusps and are tailored to suit implant-borne prosthetics. Also, the company introduces two new acrylics: Paladon ultra, a heat-curing acrylic for the highest requirements, and PalaXpress ultra,...

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