• Billy Goddard, CDT · President at Professional Dental Lab

    We are looking for a skilled crown and bridge tech. If interested please message me. Thank you.

  • For Sale:

    Open Technologies Reveng 3D Scanner
    Exocad Crown and Bridge software
    Exocad Implant module
    High resolution Monitor
    Multiple Scan Abutments

    Purchased/leased from Argen, in March 2016

    We are the original and only owners of this.

    This is a great piece of equipment to get started with CAD/CAM technology in the dental laboratory business or even in a Dentist that wants to scan and design.

    The new owners of our lab have 2 of these exact same scanners and Exocad software and did not need ours.

    Call Dennis at (914) 426-2626 — tagged 9 productsOpen Technologies Scanner from Vision USA, an Argen Co.
    Open Technologies 3D Scanners
    ReVenge Scanner
    exocad® DentalCAD Software
    Argen Corp.
    Dental CAD
    CAD/CAM and Implant Dentistry
    CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling

  • Special Announcemnet
    NOBILIUM · Albany, NY

    Nobilium now represents EOS of North America, Inc. for metal dental additive manufacturing technology. EOS, the world leader in laser-sintering solutions, just launched a new compact metal system, the EOS M 100.The size and modular design of the EOS M 100 make it ideal as an entry-level model for industrial 3D printing for copings and bridges.

    · The beam quality and stable performance of the 200 watt fiber laser guarantee optimum, constant processing conditions for the production of high-quality crown and bridge substructures.
    · The smaller laser spot with excellent detail resolution is...See more — tagged EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems

  • Can someone recommend a C & B casting investment that is good for implant abutments? I've used GC Fugivest II w/ full strength liquid and they still come out tight. — tagged Crown and Bridge and Abutments

  • I would love to hear other technicians take on this. I have tried many different approaches but it still seems random when I get a really good glaze on an eMax crown. I don't fancy super glazed crowns but I find it hard to achieve a natural shine. — tagged Crown and Bridge and Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

  • I am from India running a crown and bridge lab ,doing implant prosthesis in lab need some good training can someone help me? — tagged Networking

  • I have a new client that "loves " the double impression technique ...however we are his third pick of laboratory because they can't seem to give him consistent results...they do not see the contraindication for this tech.At best it is inconsistent esp. in the fabrication of bridges.As a ceramist of 30 yrs I cringe when I see this ..it has been my experience that the finished restoration presents short,tight frames and high occlusions. The first rx we received asked for TEN coats of die spacer.which was so telling.If you have any advice on how to treat these cases I am open.However I have never...See more — tagged Crown and Bridge

  • Your checklist for optimizing search terms:

    We have covered this topic in some of the earlier posts but I thought I would touch on it again in a more practical approach. Many dental labs use their websites as a gallery, contact info, introduction to the lab tool and for many they all achieve this goal, put some content on it and some photo's and presto! And for the most part it does suffice when their current dentists forget the lab phone number or need an email address. For all the other dentists in your target market (remember that term it's very important) how are they supposed to find you...See more

  • David Gor, CDT · Dental Technician at Platinum Dental Studio

    Yes we are located in the heart of Los Angeles please call to discuss 818-921-7111 we are crown and bridge lab.

  • Brad Isbill · Waxer at Isbill Dental Lab

    Seeking experienced ceramist for 15 person crown and bridge lab in West Atlanta. Four day work week! Resumes to tidental@bellsouth.net

  • Teresa Lentz · Dental Technician at Dental Prosthetic Services

    Hi everyone I am new to this group,,,I have been a crown and bridge technician in Illinois for over 10 years,,,my children are grown and I,m ready to make a change to a new state ,,,please let me know if there are any jobs out there. I am a waxer,,finisher,models,and opaques. But i,m always egar to learn new things in this field...Thank you

  • Nicolas Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    The Best B-to-B Email Marketing Practices

    We hear e-mail marketing is becoming obsolete and social networking is morphing into the medium of choice for online communication. But in the B-to-B community, it hasn’t happened yet.

    So, what are some of the best practices in B-to-B e-mail marketing today?

    A. E-lists

    To begin, instead of renting lists and sending emails to cold prospects, get people to opt-in to your e-list. Then concentrate on email marketing to your house file.

    Emails to house file lists generates two to three times the click through rate (CTR) or higher than outside lists....See more

  • Great article for 'Bite of the Day'! Straumann and iTero offer a digital impression system that lets the lab receive digital impression data to design the custom abutment or crown and bridge restoration without a model! Learn more at http://www.straumann-cares-digital-solutions.com

    Dentists Slow to Adopt Digital Impressions
    Digital Dentistry

    LMT's exclusive e-survey coverage shows that the number of labs working with digital impressions has doubled since last year.

    Most recently May 2, 2011 by Judy Fishman
  • Jack Jabbour · CEO/General Manager at Vision Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    any advice on "where to look" in finding a "skilled" crown and bridge technician? other than the usual adds in papers, craigslist, etc... thanks!


  • Bur of the week: Every laboratory should promote dentists to use this special bur: The AD20C, for occlussal reduction; not only will it make laboratory life easier but it will create accurate spacing for dentists when working with crown and bridges!

  • Jack Jabbour · CEO/General Manager at Vision Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Hi everyone!! first of all thanks to LMT for creating "the bridge" which seems to be a professional "facebook" of the dental technology world. LMT is great, and just want to show appreciation for them!!

    I am the owner of a crown and bridge lab that employs 5 technician in ohio and am looking to hire a commission based sales person to attract new clients. Does anyone have any good ideas or experience on this subject. Im not exactly sure how to go about it, and wage etc....

    any help would be appreciated. thanks and look forward to meeting a bunch of you thru the bridge!

  • Robert C. Loehr · Owner at Allure Dental Lab

    I do all my own crown and bridge work and do not outsource MY crowns. I have one multi associate practice for the lion share of my business. I do everything from full arch uppers, Cosmetic multi unit Zirconia ( Procera and or Cercon ) singles. Things go so smooth with this place I am spoiled when I get accounts and see BAD, BAD dentistry even for single units that the dentist would like to restore.
    I feel bad for the patients when the preps look like Lego blocks preparation design. I just cant figure out why some dentists cant get there heads out of there asses and just do good preps and better...See more

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