• Can someone recommend a C & B casting investment that is good for implant abutments? I've used GC Fugivest II w/ full strength liquid and they still come out tight. — tagged Crown and Bridge and Abutments

  • I would love to hear other technicians take on this. I have tried many different approaches but it still seems random when I get a really good glaze on an eMax crown. I don't fancy super glazed crowns but I find it hard to achieve a natural shine. — tagged Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. and Crown and Bridge

  • I am from India running a crown and bridge lab ,doing implant prosthesis in lab need some good training can someone help me? — tagged Networking

  • I have a new client that "loves " the double impression technique ...however we are his third pick of laboratory because they can't seem to give him consistent results...they do not see the contraindication for this tech.At best it is inconsistent esp. in the fabrication of bridges.As a ceramist of 30 yrs I cringe when I see this ..it has been my experience that the finished restoration presents short,tight frames and high occlusions. The first rx we received asked for TEN coats of die spacer.which was so telling.If you have any advice on how to treat these cases I am open.However I have never...See more — tagged Crown and Bridge

  • Your checklist for optimizing search terms:

    We have covered this topic in some of the earlier posts but I thought I would touch on it again in a more practical approach. Many dental labs use their websites as a gallery, contact info, introduction to the lab tool and for many they all achieve this goal, put some content on it and some photo's and presto! And for the most part it does suffice when their current dentists forget the lab phone number or need an email address. For all the other dentists in your target market (remember that term it's very important) how are they supposed to find you...See more

  • David Gor, CDT · Dental Technician at Platinum Dental Studio

    Yes we are located in the heart of Los Angeles please call to discuss 818-921-7111 we are crown and bridge lab.

  • Bur of the week: Every laboratory should promote dentists to use this special bur: The AD20C, for occlussal reduction; not only will it make laboratory life easier but it will create accurate spacing for dentists when working with crown and bridges!

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