• Hello. Need some good background reading on doing custom shade. Any direction/links will be appreciated. Thanks. — tagged Shade and Photography

  • Michel Magne · Master Ceramist at 901 Oral Design

    901-Michel Magne

    29-30 Germany, Stuttgart with ANAXDENT (Lecture + Hands-on)

    13-14 USA, Marina del Rey, 901 LAB - Morphology & Provisional - Brazilian Group (Lecture + Hands-on)

    17-18 USA, Marina del Rey, 901 LAB - Veneer on Refractory Die Technique (Lecture + Hands-on)

    04-05 USA, Marina del Rey, 901 LAB Photography Course with Panos Bazos
    10 USA, Loma Linda, (Lecture) Loma Linda University
    15 Marseille, France, Private Organization
    18-19 Italy, SICED (Photography Course with Panos Bazos)
    21-22 Italy, SICED (Lecture +...See more

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