• Elkie Lumagui, DDS · CEO at Tooth & Go Dental Clinic

    Tooth and Go Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental services to our international client since 2009. Our aim is to provide our patients with dental services that focuses on balancing aesthetics with functionality. Patient satisfaction is our number one priority so all concerns will be valued and suggestions will be appreciated. In the recent years we were trained in the field of implant dentistry and implant prosthodontics by multiple german dental institutes such as the IPI in Munich/Germany, Westerburger Kontakte, Dental School in Tuebingen/Germany and others .
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  • (Sagemax) NexxZr Anterior Competition - Chance to win $10,000

    Sagemax is ready to take the next step to revolutionize how you think of anterior restorations. NexxZr Anterior zirconia is specifically designed for the anterior region. Its high natural translucency and high strength (over 1000 MPa) mean it can effectively be used for full contour single units and bridges. We guarantee you'll never look at zirconia the same way again.

    Sagemax is hosting a competition to find the best NexxZr Anterior full contour zirconia bridge. Before it's released, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to work with this new material and compete against your peers for...See more — tagged 3 productsSagemax NexxZr™ T Zirconia
    Brent Harvey
    Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

  • Zirwell ceramics technology co.,ltd academic reports
    Jerry Wong, CDT/TE · Manager at Zirwell Ceramic Technology Co,Ltd

    Zirwell ceramics technology co.,ltd academic reports
    surface treatment of zirconia ceramic surface structure and microstructure effects:
    (1) Dental zirconia surface grinding, sandblasting, polishing and other treatment approaches so that the phase change material surface tm best way to eliminate the use of heat treatment.
    (2) should be avoided as far as possible on the surface of the polished zirconia adjustment, t-m phase change surface produced by mechanical treatment best way to eliminate the use of heat treatment.
    Repeatedly firing zirconia - porcelain bond strength of veneering:
    (1) Up to...See more

  • If a Genie popped out of the next bottle of porcelain you opened and granted you one wish that would profitabily grow your lab, what would you wish for? I'm interested to hear your wishes.....

  • Jeneric/Pentron Stealth porcelain furnace

    Penny Marrazzo · Lab Tech at Stoneybrook Noble Gold

    Jeneric/Pentron STEALTH Porcelain Furnace
    Selling oven gently used only a few times for a demo
    please email if your interested Goldpennys2000@aol.com
    asking $2100.00

  • Jeneric/Pentron Stealth porcelain furnace
    Penny Marrazzo · Lab Tech at Stoneybrook Noble Gold

    Selling oven gently used only a few times for a demo
    please email if your interested Goldpennys2000@aol.com
    asking $2100.00

  • Dr. Sanjay Arora · Cranio-Sacral Dentist at Zental Dental Clinic

    ZENTAL Dental Clinic is a multi speciality dental clinic with the best of dentists located in the heart of New Delhi, India. SCODE dental Clinic offer multi-speciality dental treatment including Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal, Teeth Whitening, Straightning, Smile Makeover, Crowns, Fixed bridges, braces, Extractions, dental tooth fillings, orthodontics, Laser Dentistry, Oral Cancer Screening, Ridge Expansion, TMJ Disorder, Teeth An Hour, Creamic Brackets, Paediatric Dentistry, Jaw Cyst, Laser Frenectomy, Single Visit Root Canal, Metal Brackets, Composite Fillings, Porcelain Crowns,...See more

  • I have some good equipment for sale: Porcelain Furnaces: Dekma D2, Jelenko Commodore: Call 850-626-9167 for information. Ask for Tony — tagged Furnaces

  • May 2009: ADA Releases Results of Lead Study

    When the controversy over the possibility of lead in PFM restorations arose in 2008, the ADA conducted an independent study to determine the degree to which lead may be present in crowns. In 2009, it released the results of this study, which found only trace amounts of the naturally occurring element in 44 different porcelain powders and 102 finished porcelain-metal crowns produced by domestic and foreign dental laboratories. The results ranged from below detectable to 113 parts per million (ppm) in the 44 porcelain powders, and an average of 46ppm in the crowns.

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  • September 1985: The 80s' Most Significant Technological Advances

    In our first-ever State of the Industry survey, LMT asked readers to indicate the most significant technological advances that occurred between 1980 and 1985. Here's what they said:

    • All ceramic crowns (Dicor and Cerestore)
    • Laminate veneers/facings
    • Computerized/automated porcelain furnaces, burnout machines and casting machines
    • Light-cured resins
    • Semi-precious and non-precious alloys

    Looking at this list in hindsight, which of these five advances would you say had the most dramatic, lasting effect on your work?

  • Patrick Coon, CDT/TE · Technical Consultant at Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

    Longer span frameworks and those with a significant curve to them should have a support structure that would be left in place during sintering. This will help to stabilize them. You would then remove the support after sintering with a diamond disk and water. I would then do a regeneration firing before applying porcelain.

    Jimmy Stegall CAD/CAM Technicians

    Anyone have any advice on zirconia bridge frameworks "warping"? Hardly ever happens with frameworks with no curve, but seems to be more frequent with 4 unit and larger frames that curve (anterior). Individual units fit terrific internally and marginally, but 2-3 out of 10 times the frames will rock slightly....

    December 3, 2013 · 5

  • 2. The porcelain bearing area of a metal casting contains many microscopic irregularities into which opaque porcelain may flow into when fired describes what?

  • Heres a good porcelain question:
    What serves as the framework around which the other ingredients can flow acts to strengthen porcelain?

    A: feldspar
    B: alumina
    C: quartz
    D: kaolin

  • The Ceramco iC Integrated Solution

    Credit Hours: 16

    2 day Program - 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in Burlington, NJ on July 8th & 9th

    Are you interested in learning the process involved in the production of porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-ceramic, and press-to-metal applications? This system can help to streamline your workflow, reduce waste and help to trim your inventory. Who knew efficiency could be so beautiful? Our hands-on course covers Ceramco iC Integrated Porcelain System and its applications.

    For details on this course click here: http://goo.gl/MqO2n

    Jul 08
    2013 Ceramco® Course: The Ceramco® iC Integrated Solution

    This two-day "hands-on" program will cover the fabrication of all-ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, pressed-to-metal, and pressed-to-zirconia restorations.

  • Whip Mix Corp. · Louisville, KY

    Do you know how to calibrate your Pro200 Series Furnace? Watch this to see how the Whip Mix ProCal Calibration Device is used to diagnose and calibrate any Whip Mix Pro Series Porcelain Furnace.

  • Gary Kasper · Owner/Dental Technician at Bennett Dental Lab

    Hi, everyone! ... Does anybody have any suggestions for a refractory material that works well with Shofu Vintage porcelain feldspathic veneers?...Would appreciate any comments

  • Flemming Behrend, MDT · Owner at Flemmings Dental Ceramic Studio Inc.

    My Zubler Porcelain press furnace blew up this morning. Nothing like an exciting start of the day! Now it's going back to New England for a second time repair in 6 years. I'm not impressed by this product even though it works pretty well when it works :0)

  • Marcello Wilhite · Owner at Scultore Dental Studio

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried shofu One Shot Uni-Layer porcelain?Sounds interesting and am thinking of giving it a try.Any feedback would be great.

  • Interesting facts to think about. 30 years ago, all the porcelain manufactures began to think about how to make porcelain powders which through a complicated and sophisticated build up technique would make it possible for the dental technician to create natural looking teeth. Twenty years later they began leaving out Opacious Dentin, then they began to manufacture a two powder build up, and today we are approached with the One powder "Do it all" porcelain. (Just add stains!). Personally I see a slow curve of downgrading the technical skills of the educated ceramist. It is truly a shame that we...See more — tagged Porcelain

  • Does anyone out there care to share their thoughts on Vita porcelain or denture teeth? We are a production lab, and currently using Mondial teeth and Noritake EX-3 & CZR porcelains. Most interested in how Vita's porcelains handle in a production environment, compared to Noritake. — tagged Mondial I and Mondial Teeth and Noritake Porcelains

  • To all of you my fellow partners in the Dental field, is a reality that the speed we are running with the technology is no joke, but, getting an specialty in CAD and not necessarily in CAM for some, will not make too much sense when our new technicians are just knowledgeable with a joystick (with all my respects) and have no fundamentals in Dental Technology. How many times have you asked a CAD technician if he/she is taking into consideration a curve of spee/ or perhaps if a crown lengthening if recommended?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love CAD and I love my field, but the losing art is not about...See more

  • Hi Everyone, Im new to " The Bridge " and would like to know if anyone out there has any old Will Ceram porcelain they want to sell. Im looking for incisals, body, masquerade opacious dentines in V series or regular. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks JG — tagged Porcelain

  • Flemming Behrend, MDT · Owner at Flemmings Dental Ceramic Studio Inc.

    When Elephant products (Carrara porcelain) folded three month ago, I was very upset. All import of the porcelain to USA was cancelled. It had taken me quite a number of years to build up my entire porcelain production around their product. I have now switched to Ivoclar Inline and POM for all my pfm and really like the product. I still grieve the loss of the very personal service I got from European Dental Import, but this porcelain turns out to be really nice. I recommend it :0)

    IPS InLine

    IPS InLine® is the accurate, fast and beautiful leucite metal ceramic specifically designed for the productivity-oriented, esthetic dental laboratory. IPS InLine is a leucite-containing veneering ceramic for the conventional layering technique, with a very wide range of CTE matching for most...

  • How would you answer this question from a doctor: Hypothetically speaking-if one were to etch the inside of a porc. to zirconia crown, forgetting we do that for emax but not for zirconia, would it likely pose a problem if adhesively cemented? — tagged 3 topicsPorcelain

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