• Elkie Lumagui, DDS · CEO at Tooth & Go Dental Clinic

    Tooth and Go Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental services to our international client since 2009. Our aim is to provide our patients with dental services that focuses on balancing aesthetics with functionality. Patient satisfaction is our number one priority so all concerns will be valued and suggestions will be appreciated. In the recent years we were trained in the field of implant dentistry and implant prosthodontics by multiple german dental institutes such as the IPI in Munich/Germany, Westerburger Kontakte, Dental School in Tuebingen/Germany and others .
    Our state of the art...See more — tagged Elkie Lumagui, DDS

  • For Sale: Two (2) Roland DWX-50 milling machines, DentMill CAM Software, (1) 3M ST scanner, and (3) Lava Therm ovens.

    For Sale: Two (2) Roland DWX-50 milling machines, DentMill CAM Software, (1) 3M ST scanner, and (3) Lava Therm ovens. Mills were just factory refurbished (new collets, tension cables and spindles) and all equipment is in great working order. This is a great opportunity to move into milling at a more economical price point. Asking $22,000/Mill, $4,000/CAM with computer, $4,000 for 3M ST Scanner, and $3,000/Lava Therm. We will entertain all serious offers. Call Alex or Lonnie at California Dental Arts at 408.255.1020. — tagged 5 productsRoland DWX-50 Milling Machine
    Delcam DentMILL
    Roland DWX-50 Milling Machine
    Roland DGA
    3M Oral Care

  • Problem with Straumann Implant
    Scott Dellisola, RDT · Owner at Dell Dental Studio

    Hello everyone. I have a question. has anyone ever used panavia f 2. ? on a Cares x -stream bridge. where the RC Variobase is cemented on the zirconia frame? I did and after 4 months the bridge separated from the bases. I followed the directions to a T. I think, ya im sure. this is straumanns best recommendation. please help. Thank you -- tagged CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling

  • Kervin Sun, CDT/TE · Manager at Thriden Industrial Co., Ltd

    Thriden Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional supplier which integrated R&D, production, sale and service in one, dedicates in providing CNC dental solutions for milling center or dental lab, such as stunning function 5 Axes linkage milling machine, high quality zirconia block for restoration , precision moulded disc and drills.
    More than thirteen years ago, we are only a dental lab and now this lab is still running. In 2009, Mr Sun has met with our technical director who just got the PhD on ceramic in Stockholm University Sweden. Backed up by the team of technician and engineers who have sophisticated...See more

  • Be sure that you are caring for the spindle on your milling machine properly. Check out our newsletter archive for some tips to prolong the life of your spindle and avoid lost time!


  • I am looking to purchase the 3shape standard introral scanner and one or 2 milling machine also a sintering oven.which is the better mill, speed, accuracy, durability, Survice, cost etc. between the sirona inlab mcxl and ( ROLAND DWX-51d and dwx- 4w) also which sintering oven is most cost effective with good quality turnout

  • Lab Day is here! IMILLING is ready, Booth J-24!

    Stop by and ask about the special offer on the DOF SHARP-5X Mill.
    We'd also be happy to discuss how we can help with complex titanium implant prosthetics.

    See you tomorrow! — tagged LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2016 and IMILLING Mills, scanners and software

  • IMILLING will be at Lab Day Chicago, Booth J-24!

    Stop by and talk to us about the DOF SHARP™-5X mill. Now just $30,000 through 2/27/16.

    Special pricing includes: hyperDENT CAM Software, QUATRO Air Technologies iVAC Dust Collector and sagemax Materials Starter Kit. *Pricing excludes shipping. Wet-milling upgrade is available for an additional fee.

    We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

  • Arian, do you going a mention the special equipment need it for your milling technique, also the different retentive material you used to create your females..??
    I'll see you then...

  • Visit Handler Booth G-24 at LMT® LAB DAY® Chicago and enter to win a MILLING WORK STATION valued at $2,995.00. Raffle participants must be present at Handler booth G-24 to win and able to take the work station at the end of the show or pay for "transportation". Rules Apply. — tagged LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2016 and HANDLER Pro Tech Lite Scalable Milling Platform (PTL-241)

  • (Sagemax) NexxZr Anterior Competition - Chance to win $10,000

    Sagemax is ready to take the next step to revolutionize how you think of anterior restorations. NexxZr Anterior zirconia is specifically designed for the anterior region. Its high natural translucency and high strength (over 1000 MPa) mean it can effectively be used for full contour single units and bridges. We guarantee you'll never look at zirconia the same way again.

    Sagemax is hosting a competition to find the best NexxZr Anterior full contour zirconia bridge. Before it's released, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to work with this new material and compete against your peers for...See more — tagged 3 productsSagemax NexxZr™ T Zirconia
    Brent Harvey
    Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

  • 5 Years precision burs for all dental milling systems. We do only dental and nothing in-between! Thats our success. Be a part of our success! You are welcome to start immediately.

  • The All New Versamill 5XS 5-Axis Precision Dental Machining Center brings you industrial quality with a small footprint and at under $30,000, a price to match.

    Watch the Video: http://youtu.be/9eissjXHP3c — tagged 4 topicsCAD/CAM
    CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling
    Axsys Dental Solutions

  • I'm considering purchasing a 3 shape scanner soon. I've been evaluating various workflows and was wondering how many different ways current users are putting the scans to work. Such as; anyone splitting the files for SLM copings or zirconia coping with milled or printed wax ups for press-to restorations? Milled gold crowns with Strategic Milling? Any good or bad experiences with CAP or CMC? I've been milling in house with in-lab and have decided not to pursue another milling machine at this time. So I'm looking to partner with others to provide the mills. Thanks. — tagged 4 topicsScanners
    3Shape, Inc.

  • John Caponigro · Manager at Exquisite Dental Studios

    I need help choosing a mill. I would like to be able to mill zirconia Emax and non-precious cooping . We are milling a combination of 20 units a day and plan on growing hopefully to 30 units by the end of the year. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on my objectives and potential choices. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

  • Hey everyone I have a question. I have a Procera Forte and got an email that 3i and Nobel Biocare will not support a software anymore i found a company that name Imilling and said that for 5,000 they can upgrade the software and i can send (open) them to anywhere. so i want to know if anyone heard of them and if they are trustworthy? can someone give me advice on what to do? — tagged Nobel Biocare USA

  • Introducing the Versamill 5X200

    The Versamill 5X200 a REAL machine utilizing the same construction and technology utilized in its "full frame" industrial contemporaries

    The new 5X200 replaces its 5X100 predecessor and offers larger axis travels, six additional tools in the ATC and more in a heavier, upright form factor.

    Find out more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnpudC1uwgQ&list=PL-hmoFEdSRigJq1VwzMzqYXLjoayqUT8K&index=1 — tagged 8 productsArum VersaMILL 5X
    CAD/CAM and Implant Dentistry
    CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling
    Axsys Dental Solutions

  • Nice work Sir, Did you consider the custom abutment milling in the case

  • Strategy Milling© is featured in LMT's 2014/2015 Buyer's Guide!

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  • Do you work in a dental lab? If so, have you entered our Gold Crown Sweepstakes yet?! Click here http://bit.ly/1nZBp7b for a chance to win THREE FREE GOLD CROWNS from Strategy Milling!

    A new winner will be drawn after every 20 entries increasing your chances to win!

  • Is there anyone familiar with designing custom abutments with Sirona's inLab 4.2? We are having an issue we don't seem to have a solution to, and just wondered if we're missing a step or something. We follow the steps to the letter that I learned at one of the advanced courses. Also, with the TiBase and scan body, I make sure the little ridge on the tiBase/post faces toward the buccal, and align the scan body appropriately to it. We then continue to design the case as one normally would. The issue comes after milling when somehow the little groove made in the abutment to slide down on the...See more — tagged inLab Software 4.2 and Abutments

  • Stratasys Appoints Axsys Incorporated as Distributor of its Dental Series 3-D Printers.


    Stratasys Appoints Axsys Incorporated as Distributor of its Dental Series 3-D Printers.
    Distributor's Dental Solutions Division Now Offering 3D Printer Products from Market-Leading Stratasys, Inc.

    Wixom, MI, June 16, 2014: Expanding its solutions portfolio, Axsys Incorporated, a leading supplier of CAD/CAM and manufacturing solutions, today announced that it has entered into a Reseller Agreement with Stratasys, Inc.

    Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Axsys will distribute of Stratasys' Objet30 OrthoDesk, Objet Eden and a number of Dental Series 3-D printers. The Objet Dental...See more

  • I am using CAD /CAM facility at my office for more than 5 years now.
    I have recently bought Yenadent DC40 metal milling machine for Implants.
    Can any one help me understand which CAM and CAD system will provide me the most precise results.

    I am already user of Dentmill and Dentcad. Yet I would like to change if there is better option available for Implant prosthesis milling.Change for example . . WorkNC/Hyperdent or any other. Like wise in CAD like Exo cad or any other, Some one having knowledge on this plz share with me.

  • Hello Everyone. I´m Hernan ILARI from Argentina and this is may first day in the Forum. I´d like to share a question with you to see if anyone can help me: Ceramill milling equipment allows to adjust magnification factor between 1 and 8. I would like to know what shrinkage factors these two extreme number correspond to, and if the correlation between the Ceramill's magnification factor scale and Zirconia shrinkage factor is linear. Thanks in advance!! — tagged Ceramill Motion 2 Milling Machine and Amann Girrbach North America, LP

  • Jeffrey Jaje · Marketing & Business Development Manager at Sescoi USA

    Our Technical Director and bar milling expert will be at LMT Lab Days East, April 5th in booth R-2
    WorkNC Dental CAM software can be used for soft materials, metals, abutments, bars and more. Check us out.

    Best of all,m we'll happily give you our information we have gathered on the best way to star implementing CAM into dental, including doing implants.

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