• Stephanie Xelowski · Sr. Marketing Coordinator at Argen Corp.

    Don't miss Argen at LMT Lab Day West 2016, this weekend! Visit Argen booth #G-1 for exciting show specials and be entered to WIN 2 Disneyland tickets! Also be sure to check out our lectures Friday and Saturday in Salon VI, 2nd floor. Hope to see you there!

    FRIDAY LECTURE - Presented by Chris Lowthorp, CDT
    8:00am - 10:00am - Super Translucent Zirconia: Discover the New Standard for Full Contour Esthetics

    SATURDAY LECTURE - Presented by Chris Lowthorp, CDT
    1:00pm - 3:00pm - Super Translucent Zirconia: Discover the New Standard for Full Contour Esthetics

  • Stephanie Xelowski · Sr. Marketing Coordinator at Argen Corp.

    Argen Clinical Lectures at LMT Lab Day West 2016!

    Join Argen Friday, May 13th and Saturday ,May 14th for LMT Lab Day West Clinical Lectures located in Salon VI, 2nd floor. These lectures will take you through an in-depth comparison of the new Super Translucent Zirconia vs Lithium Disilicate, along with a full portfolio of zirconia product solutions - 2 Hours of Scientific CE Credit will be given. Hope to see you there!

    FRIDAY LECTURE - Presented by Chris Lowthorp, CDT
    8:00am - 10:00am - Super Translucent Zirconia: Discover the New Standard for Full Contour Esthetics

    SATURDAY LECTURE - Presented...See more

  • looking forward to attend the subject. I am using Anterior Zirconia and its working great so far.

  • Carol Loomis, CDT · Ceramist at Nik Dental Lab, LLC

    I work at NIK Dental LAB. in Pewaukee Wisconsin. We just purchased two Roland Mills. All of our crowns fit beautifully! We mill zirconia, z-max, e-max' and full cast crowns, as well as partial frameworks. These mills are great!

  • (Sagemax) NexxZr Anterior Competition - Chance to win $10,000

    Sagemax is ready to take the next step to revolutionize how you think of anterior restorations. NexxZr Anterior zirconia is specifically designed for the anterior region. Its high natural translucency and high strength (over 1000 MPa) mean it can effectively be used for full contour single units and bridges. We guarantee you'll never look at zirconia the same way again.

    Sagemax is hosting a competition to find the best NexxZr Anterior full contour zirconia bridge. Before it's released, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to work with this new material and compete against your peers for...See more — tagged 3 membersSagemax Bioceramics, Inc.
    Brent Harvey
    Sagemax NexxZr™ T Zirconia

  • Zirwell ceramics technology co.,ltd academic reports
    Jerry Wong, CDT/TE · Manager at Zirwell Ceramic Technology Co,Ltd

    Zirwell ceramics technology co.,ltd academic reports
    surface treatment of zirconia ceramic surface structure and microstructure effects:
    (1) Dental zirconia surface grinding, sandblasting, polishing and other treatment approaches so that the phase change material surface tm best way to eliminate the use of heat treatment.
    (2) should be avoided as far as possible on the surface of the polished zirconia adjustment, t-m phase change surface produced by mechanical treatment best way to eliminate the use of heat treatment.
    Repeatedly firing zirconia - porcelain bond strength of veneering:
    (1) Up to...See more

  • Jose Gueits · Metal/Ceramist at J&R Dental Restoration

    There was a company at lab day that was selling multi layered zirconia , the incisal was translucent I thought I took his card but I did not does anyone know who the manufacturer was

  • Jo-Ann Levins · Dental Education Assistant at Ivoclar Vivadent

    Looking for continuing education classes in the September, we have the following classes available:

    All Ceramic, All-Options featuring Zenostar and IPS e.max CAD
    September 11, 2015
    Course Fee: $249.00
    7 CE credits
    800-533-6825 X4291 to register

    Master Course B - Design & Fabrication of Attached Bar Retained Over-Dentures, Digital Planning & All-on-4 Conversion with Tom Wade, CDT
    September 17 & 18, 2015
    Course Fee $699.00
    14 CE hours

    Zirconia Esthetics Naturally - The Harmony of Zirconia & Titanium in Implant...See more

  • I'm considering purchasing a 3 shape scanner soon. I've been evaluating various workflows and was wondering how many different ways current users are putting the scans to work. Such as; anyone splitting the files for SLM copings or zirconia coping with milled or printed wax ups for press-to restorations? Milled gold crowns with Strategic Milling? Any good or bad experiences with CAP or CMC? I've been milling in house with in-lab and have decided not to pursue another milling machine at this time. So I'm looking to partner with others to provide the mills. Thanks. — tagged 4 members3Shape, Inc.

  • John Caponigro · Manager at Exquisite Dental Studios

    I need help choosing a mill. I would like to be able to mill zirconia Emax and non-precious cooping . We are milling a combination of 20 units a day and plan on growing hopefully to 30 units by the end of the year. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on my objectives and potential choices. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

  • Aaron Hoffman · Co-Owner (I'd rather be in the trenches than a suit) at Sunflower Dental Studio

    Does anyone know of a clinic or class teaching all on 4 full arch zirconia?

  • Hey everyone,

    Has anyone had a patent complain about a bitter taste with full zirconia crowns?

    Thnaks — tagged Zirconia

  • Hi everyone, I have been a Dental technician for 17 years and I am now contouring zirconia and running mills and I have done posterior design on 3shape. I am looking to further my career in Cad/cam and am looking for an opportunity to do that. I am willing to relocate. I would love to go south so if anyone knows of a job opening could you please let me know. Thank you — tagged 3 members3Shape, Inc.

  • Anyone have any advice on zirconia bridge frameworks "warping"? Hardly ever happens with frameworks with no curve, but seems to be more frequent with 4 unit and larger frames that curve (anterior). Individual units fit terrific internally and marginally, but 2-3 out of 10 times the frames will rock slightly. We are sintering these alone with no rapid sintering cycles. — tagged Zirconia

  • Stratasys Appoints Axsys Incorporated as Distributor of its Dental Series 3-D Printers.
    Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions


    Stratasys Appoints Axsys Incorporated as Distributor of its Dental Series 3-D Printers.
    Distributor's Dental Solutions Division Now Offering 3D Printer Products from Market-Leading Stratasys, Inc.

    Wixom, MI, June 16, 2014: Expanding its solutions portfolio, Axsys Incorporated, a leading supplier of CAD/CAM and manufacturing solutions, today announced that it has entered into a Reseller Agreement with Stratasys, Inc.

    Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Axsys will distribute of Stratasys' Objet30 OrthoDesk, Objet Eden and a number of Dental Series 3-D printers. The Objet Dental...See more

  • Hello Everyone. I´m Hernan ILARI from Argentina and this is may first day in the Forum. I´d like to share a question with you to see if anyone can help me: Ceramill milling equipment allows to adjust magnification factor between 1 and 8. I would like to know what shrinkage factors these two extreme number correspond to, and if the correlation between the Ceramill's magnification factor scale and Zirconia shrinkage factor is linear. Thanks in advance!! — tagged Amann Girrbach North America, LP and Ceramill Motion 2 Milling Machine

  • Anthony Vuong, DDS · Private Practice / Attending At Lutheran Medical Center at Anthony T. Vuong, DDS/implant Orthodontics

    Does any one know if full mouth reconstruction , for example 14 units bridge , can be milled with the present technology? be it in acrylic or in zirconia.

  • Hello kent and everyone, I'm starting to hear about problems with zirconia abutments and fractures. I need to look into it a bit more, I haven't had any of mine come back for a remake. It seems to me there would be more trouble with the solid zirconia v.s the Ti base. Monolithic screw retained may be the best way to go for posteriors, emax or zir as long as it has the Ti base. Any thoughts? Hey Kent, congrat's on the new position. — tagged 3 topicsZirconia
    Kent Kohli, CDT

  • Earn CE credits and a win FREE product!
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Don't miss your opportunity to earn CE credits and win FREE product at Lab Day Chicago! 5 attendees per lecture will win $50 of Argen Digital Product. Visit Argen at Lab Day Chicago for details, booth 700.
    Saturday, Feb. 22
    7:30 - 8:30 AM = Digital A to Z: Bring All Your Product Offerings into the Digital Workflow
    From scan to restoration, Argen Digital can support your lab with products ranging from ArgenZ Zirconia and High Noble SLM copings to Digital Captek and more!

    8:30 - 9:30 AM = Transitionally Shaded Zirconia: Prep Your Zirconia for Better Esthetics in 30 Seconds
    Learn how adding transitional...See more

  • ArgenZ Transitionally Shaded Esthetic Zirconia
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    ArgenZ Transitionally Shaded Esthetic Milled Zirconia is quickly becoming an industry favorite. The consistent fit, beautiful esthetics and quick turnaround time of our milled Zirconia can help your lab save time and money . Visit www.argendigital.com.

  • Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Did you know that Argen's suite of products has grown to include much more than dental alloys and refining? Argen now offers transitionally shaded ArgenZ Milled Zirconia, Selective Laser Melted (SLM) substructures, Captek, Digital Models, and more! Stop by our booth at Lab Day Chicago, or visit www.argendigital.com, to learn more.

  • Superior Surface Finishes
    Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions

    Whether its abutments, bars, bridges, individual or multi-unit restorations, the strength and rigidity of the VersaMILL 5X and its fixturing, coupled With the knowledge of our experts enable you to produce restorations of unbelievable quality, quickly With the lowest possible tooling cost.

    Due to the extreme accuracy and high quality surface finishes, restorations made from zirconia; hard metals such as titanium; and abrasives such as glass ceramics can be produced with minimal bench times with highly detailed occlusal surfaces and razor edge margins.

  • Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions

    New DOCERAM Product Line: Teeth like Pearls - Tuesday, November 05, 2013
    The trend towards monolithic restorations made from full zirconia is unbroken.

    As one of the pioneers of dental CAD / CAM, DOCERAM Medical Ceramics sets a further milestone: pre-colored zirconia in dentine shades: NACERA Pearl.

    This dentine shade pre-colored blanks made from zirconia ease the technician's job significantly for preparation of full-contour restorations, the manual work is reduced to a minimum.

    The complete elimination is possible within the molar area.

    This was achieved by the new PCR-color concept that...See more

  • Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions

    We're happy to announce that our new and responsive Web-site is up and running complete with on-line store where you can find a complete line of high quality zirconia, titanium, cobalt chrome, PMMA CAD/CAM blank discs; implant and abutment components; tooling and more. All at prices lower that what you are likely to be currently paying and quality that meets or exceeds your requirements.

    The goal of our new site is to educate and inform consumers as well as promote our products and services. Towards that goal, we have made an effort to provide specific information on the relative importance of...See more

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