Smile to the Max: Ivoclar Vivadent Launches New Patient Website

Product News · LMT Communications, Inc. · Apr 11, 2013

Featuring nine real-world patients, Ivoclar Vivadent's new website tells dental consumers how IPS e.max can give them the smile they've always wanted.

To members of the dental laboratory community, "e.max" is one of the most recognizable brands on the market but, thanks to Ivoclar Vivadent's new consumer marketing campaign, it may soon be a household name, too.

The company has launched a new website,, to provide consumers with easy-to-understand information about IPS e.max, a host of before-and-after photos, and a look at how e.max can be used for anything from a single unit to a complete smile makeover. The overall message to dental consumers? It's never been easier for them to have the attractive and healthy smile they've always wanted.

The website features nine real-world patients who tell us through video interviews how their smiles—and lives—were transformed with e.max restorations. For example, Tim, a patient from Chicago, discusses how his smile was holding him back both professionally and personally; now he smiles all the time. "I am excited to be a part of the Smile to the Max campaign as it allowed me to share my story and tell the world how IPS e.max helped me become a more confident person at home and in the workplace," he says.

To kick off the launch of the website, Dr. George Tysowsky, Ivoclar Vivadent's Vice President of Technology, participated in a media tour on January 24th, taping interviews for several syndicated morning shows in Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Las Vegas and other areas.

This is not the first time Ivoclar Vivadent has brought its brand directly to the public—the company sponsored IPS Empress TV spots in the early 2000s—but the goal is the same: to give laboratory owners and dentists an easy-to-use tool to drive business. "The Smile to the Max website is a wonderful resource for our dentist and laboratory partners," says Dr. Michael Gaglio, Vice President of Marketing for Ivoclar Vivadent. "They now have the opportunity to help educate patients on the benefits of IPS e.max. Now is a great time for patients to consider upgrading their smile, and the Smile to the Max website provides all of the information and motivation that patients need in order to take the first step."

Behind the Scenes

In the works for about a year and a half, the Smile to the Max website started with Ivoclar Vivadent asking doctors and technicians in different areas of the country for examples of their best e.max cases, and then poring through about 100 of those cases to find the most illustrative and impactful stories. Then it was a Hollywood-like weekend in Ivoclar Vivadent's hometown of Buffalo, NY, when nine patients were flown in for video and photo shoots, complete with makeup artists and fashion and hair stylists.

The website is just the first step in transforming e.max into a household name. In fact, Ivoclar Vivadent is working with New York City's Edelman agency, the world's largest public relations firm, on other angles, such as print ads in regional consumer publications and even an iPad app. A resource center at e.max's dentist-lab portal— —is also being created so dentists and labs can easily access marketing support materials.

Perhaps a future campaign will feature one of your success stories. Send photos of your best e.max case (you must include a before, after and full-face glamour or beauty shot) to John Isherwood at