Sirona's InLab SW 4.2

Product News · Sirona Dental, Inc. · Feb 07, 2013

Sirona's inLab SW 4.2

The power of innovation from Sirona continues with its introduction of the new inLab SW 4.2 at this year's LMT LAB DAY Chicago. Come and see how features like virtual articulation, enhanced smile design and expanded in-house implant applications, just to name a few, continue to set you apart from your competition and improve your digital restorative offerings.

The virtual articulation feature of the new inLab SW 4.2 allows you to set your Bennett angle within a range of 5° to 25° and your Sagittal plane from 15° to 45°, etc. If no data is provided by your dentists, then simply use the average value settings, which still substantially improve the initial fit of your restorations compared to conventional CAD/CAM designs. This reduces your overall finishing time and the finishing time of your dentist-clients, and is particularly valuable for model-free cases through Sirona Connect.

Users of inLab software are already experiencing the benefits of the smile design features, including multiple image catalogs, diagnostic waxups, biogeneric software design, etc. Taking it one step further with inLab SW 4.2, you are now able to cross reference your smile design cases with a 3D, photorealistic image of the patient's face, allowing for perfect symmetry and esthetics.

Sirona's customized implant abutments are easier, faster and continue to be more economical than outsourcing. They are compatible with the most popular implant systems on the market, including Nobel Biocare™, Straumann®, Astra Tech™, Biomet 3i™, Zimmer® and Camlog®. Furthermore, inLab SW 4.2 now expands from single-unit restorations over implant abutments to multi-layer bridges over implant abutments.

Many more features have been added to the new inLab SW 4.2, such as enhanced design tools and improved nesting capabilities to the stack milling software for more efficient block usage. Come to LMT LAB DAY to see, learn and experience Sirona's power of innovation for yourself. For more information, call 855-INLAB4U or visit