Make the Most of Your Scrap: 9 Ways to Maximize Profits

Management · Heraeus Kulzer · Mar 23, 2012

Tip 1 Set up regular collection procedures in your lab and designate these tasks to one person.

Tip 2 Send your scrap in on a regular schedule rather than holding it for long periods of time; frequent shipments allow you to keep track of your assets.

Tip 3 Create a comprehensive checklist to ensure you're routinely collecting scrap in every possible place, including on floors and in rugs and air filters.

Tip 4 Use a reputable company that will value all precious metal components of your scrap--not just gold.

Tip 5 Inspect, empty and change each bench's suction unit regularly and send in the contents for refining.

Tip 6 Wipe down counters and bench tops with a paper towel and send the towel in with your scrap shipment.

Tip 7 Where are the floor sweeps going? There's money in that dribble! Make sure your cleaning crew is not throwing it away.

Tip 8 Rugs can be a hidden source of scrap; vacuum and send in the dust for refining.

Tip 9 Is your carpeting old or worn? Send your carpet--especially rugs under the finishing bench--to be scrapped as well. The return usually pays for a new carpet.

Known as the "Professor of Scrap," Tony Circelli is the Manager of the Scrap Division at Heraeus, which has been refining dental alloys for over 50 years. He can be reached at 574-299-5502 or