DSCAN DUE+: Dental Scanner All in One Concept

Industry News · EGS SRL · Apr 18, 2012

Thanks to the new powerful embedded computer allows users to start scanning immediatly with precision and accuracy more defined. The scanner is based on all in one concept: is completely automated and equipped with wifi, hard disk ssd and pre installed software, plug&play. Users can setting the acquisition strategies and parameters.

The goal for DSCAN® Due + was to enable users to reach the end results faster. "DSCAN® Due + innovation has launched to satisfy labs need. We recognized that lots of labs and Clinics asking for a product that will help them to start scanning instantly eliminating compatibility problems. That's why we added a PC integrated inside. Which is available from today.", Emidio Cennerilli, CxO of EGsolutions, explained. "And we are very confident that our Product innovation will live up to the expectations of our target group and future customers.", he added.

The new version focuses on optimizing 3D scanning and mesh processing capabilities. New features and improvements will reduce the time it takes to get from capturing raw scans to generating complete 3D models while still getting high quality scan results.

A COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR OEM PARTNERS The proprietary technology powers the scanner and is also available separately for companies that want to build their own custom 3D scanners for OEM applications from 3D scans to modelling and CAD designing.