Phaser 10 Year Anniversary

Product News · Primotec · Oct 16, 2013

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Dear friends and business partners,

The primotec phaser celebrates its birthday. Exactly 10 years ago the first phaser mx1 pulsed micro welding units were delivered to customers, setting the cornerstone for an incredible success story. Themed as "laser quality welding at a fraction of the cost" over 3500 phaser units have been sold worldwide so far. Phaser welding has for sure greatly changed the world of dental joining techniques.

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary, primotec has created a limited Jubilee edition. This particular primotec phaser mx2 is equipped with a 4 - 20 x stereo-zoom-microscope. It is mounted on a fixed stand, virtually as reminiscence to the legendary primotec phaser mx1.

Besides the many advantages a continuous 4 - 20 x magnification offers for welding, due to the integrated sliding shutter the microscope can now be used even more comfortably as a regular lab microscope as well.

This primotec phaser limited Jubilee edition is offered at an especially attractive price.

Secure this special offer now, as availability is limited. The units are sold on a "first come, first served" basis.

For more information and/or ordering, please call (866) 643-3129.

Thank you and best regards,

Chris Urist (Vice President) & Joachim Mosch (President)