Nathan McBride

Owner/Dental Technician at McBride Dental

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Still learning, still perfecting.

I founded OcclusalWorks Dental Lab in 2002 and was the very first Dental Lab to offer CAD/CAM via CEREC before it was even 3D. I knew in those days that computer aided dentistry was in it's infant stage. We have come so far, but not far enough. During my time in the dental industry, I have consulted with oral surgeons, prosthedontists and general dentists. I have spoken with not a few patients, listened to their concerns, and have seen all types of cases. Do you know what I found? EVERY case is important. We cannot afford to let seemingly mundane cases be sent out with sub-par results. We cannot let complex cases fail because our new technology can't perform the desired customization these cases require. It is my mission to help unravel the mysteries of using new computerized technologies in a seemless way. All technology have strengths and all have weak spots we must learn to minimize. Join me to learn how to shorten the technology learning curve. Together we can get some real answers. -Nathan