Kim Solomon

VP, Sales at Panthera Dental

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25+ years in the dental laboratory industry, it is my life and I love working with all aspects of it

Started at the bench in the 80"s - moved into sales in the 90's and then into marketing 2000. I love the digital age and how CAD/CAM is changing the game. Most of all, I enjoy working with labs to uncover new business trends that make an impact. Today now more than ever the dental technician has the opportunity to move into the treatment team and be a visible part of the final prosthetic delivery. The future is unfolding and the dental technician today is the key to shaping and the face of dentistry and their careers.

Work Info
  • Panthera Dental

    VP, Sales · Quebec, CAN

    Our Mission: The design, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-level dentistry products from superior quality materials.