John Hughes

Marketing Manager at Whip Mix Corp.

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I've been in the marketing profession for 27 years. For the last 15 years I've been Marketing Communications Manager for Whip Mix Corporation.

I have been Marketing Communications Manager at Whip Mix for 15 years. I’m a creative marketer, passionate about inbound marketing, focused on results and experimenting with new marketing approaches. For the last three years I’ve been using the HubSpot software platform to get found on the internet, convert website traffic into leads, turn leads into customers, and analyze what is and what isn't working. Obviously I still use traditional outbound marketing strategies, but as the world of social media grows and more people use the internet to get their information, inbound marketing is key. I love to work on a team that is equally passionate about what we do. Specialties: Inbound Marketing, Brand Development, Project Management, Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, Event Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Videography, Blogging, and Email Marketing.

Work Info
  • Whip Mix Corp.

    Marketing Manager · Louisville, KY

    Founded in 1919, Whip Mix created the first complete dental inlay investment casting unit – with a mechanical spatulator that whipped and mixed better than anything else. An invention so dramatic it changed the industry. And formed our company name.

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