• Marc Daichman · Owner at Asteto Dental Laboratories

    Having an extremely busy week being connected to educational events, I just want to motivate those, possibly on the fence about marketing their lab this way; My real 'strength' is networking with 10-20 speakers who will talk and give programs FREE to any dentist group I arrange meetings with.
    Most labs have no idea how many study groups are out there seraching for speakers,also its good to get approved for giving out credits.

  • Marc Daichman · Owner at Asteto Dental Laboratories

    Last week our lab sponsored Dr Howard Farran (CEO of dentaltown.com) to over 100 dentists and 14 vendors exhibiting; It was ,as usual with Dr Farran, a raving success. Howard is a staright forward power-information type of guy that tells it like it is,and teaches the dentists how to succeed in a challenging economy.

    The point is that it is events like these that can build your laboratory. Is it for everyone,of course not. But even if you do not 'want to' or 'cannot' get in front of a group to speak, let alone simply make an informercial and introduce your speaker, then all is not lost: simply...See more

  • Just like most of you, I believe in getting high value for my well spent dollars, as a matter of fact....that's exactly what our customers are thinking every minute,particularly in today's challenging economy, so...

    1. Choose TOP notch speakers for your events(and I will be listing my favorites of course): obviously ask your speakers which companies or vendors they might mention or who has supported them before,contact those companies and 'partner' with them, meaning charge them a small 'fee' for having a display table at your event to help defray the costs.

    What costs am I talking about:...See more — tagged Marketing

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