Note: This event is closed.
Jan 23-26, 2014
San Francisco, CA

Reasons to join this course:

This course is a unique hands-on opportunity to upgrade your skills in anterior bonded restorations. Esthetics and function are equal concerns in restor­ati­ons. However, the excessive strength of conventional prosthetic crowns can transfer tremendous stress to the roots and can result in root fractures. Therefore, the modula­tion of strength should be considered to avoid catastrophic failures.

Participants will learn

» Modern concepts in restorative dentistry with new solutions

» How the combination of both composites and ceramics reproduce the original stiffness of a tooth

The benefit for you

» Receive clear answers and guidelines to your specific questions

» Return to your practice as a more enthusiastic and confident professional

» Provide the best possible treatment for your patients

Raise your esthetic restorative dentistry to the highest level.

Explore, enjoy and take this course

» Biomimetics: definition and biomechanical principles

» Evolution of indications for bonded ceramic restorations: new scientific evidence

» Predictable aesthetics - ideal protocol to "blue print" to definitive restoration

» Diagnostic approach: additive wax-up and acrylic mock-up

» Modern composite resin technology including dentin adhesives

» Optimal features of porcelain, ideal surface characteristics, biomechanical longevity

» Optical effects from within the tooth and ideal ceramics - the ultimate in esthetics

» Tooth preparation techniques principles, immediate dentin bonding, provisional

» Luting procedures, finishing and maintenance protocol

All Inclusive Course Package:

$ 8,930 "No Hotel" Option $ 9,530 "Hotel" Option

  • Michel Magne

    Master Ceramist at 901 Oral Design

    MICHEL MAGNE Michel Magne, BS, MDT, is born in la Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland ) in 1958. He grew up and followed his primary education in Neuchâtel, where he certified as Dental Technician in 1979. He developed his...