Note: This event is closed.
Aug 21, 2012 11:00 am
Louisville, KY

Instructor: Dr. Buckley

This course will provide the background and the evidence that connects, inextricably, the finished occlusion and Orthodontic Stability. Since Dr. Edward Angle, until today with Dr. McNamara, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Ricketts or Dr. Roth; those who provide Orthodontic treatment have been searching for stability. Dr. Tweed thought that place to be an IMPA of 90*, Dr. Williams thought the position to be Lower 1 to A-Pg of 0. Many have thought with the "right" prescription, would come stability. We are still searching, and our answer for now has been permanent retention. Dr. Peter Dawson makes this statement: "# 1 reason for Orthodontic instability is poor functional occlusion".