Note: This event is closed.
Sep 19-20, 2013
Mississauga, ON

It is evident that simply using an all-ceramic restoration will not ensure esthetic and functional success. Comprehensive skills on the materials and adequate experience with the fabrication of all-ceramics solutions are the foundation to succeed.

Cases with multiple preparation designs, such as bridges, single crowns, veneers, thin veneers and implant abutments are more and more reality in the all-ceramic field. This challenging situation makes it difficult to fabricate a perfectly balanced smile design efficiently, when dealing with different substructures, thicknesses and materials. The different underlining colors of the natural dentition, the color of the implant abutment, characteristics in translucency and opacity of all-ceramic materials have to be taken into considerations as well.

Learning objectives are:

• Identify techniques and materials for esthetic solutions in metal-free restoration.

• Understand the three criteria to identify the right material choice related to color, translucency and masking characteristics

• Learn about the application of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material for implant constructions, bridges, single crowns, veneers and thin veneers

• See the steps required to balance value and color with various all-ceramic restorations from thick to thin and opaque to translucent • Recognize factors which influence the sintering quality of the veneering material

• Smile design; Understand morphology, contour and anatomical details for enhanced anterior cosmetics

• Obtain detailed insights on the latest indications with the IPS e.max all-ceramic system

• Completion of a multiple unit case utilizing esthetic principles and effective techniques

This course is designed for ceramists that are experienced in the fabrication of All -ceramic restorations