Note: This event is closed.
Sep 26-28, 2013
Sarasota, FL

In the dynamic world of implant retained restorations, dentists and technicians face numerous challenges requiring sound treatment planning and a thorough understanding of restorative options. Fixed (crown & bridge) implant restorations have many esthetic challenges. The single anterior tooth implant restoration often times becomes one of the most challenging restorations due to the esthetic demand to match the adjacent natural teeth and/or restored natural teeth in shape, shade, gingival architecture, etc. The fixed bridge implant restoration also has many esthetic challenges. In particular the lack of soft tissue due to bone resorption may require special restorative techniques that include the creation of gingival shaded ceramics using press-on and/or layering ceramics.

This course will discuss the various abutment options and restorative combinations that will best serve to create the most esthetic restoration for various clinical scenarios. The unique advantages of the NobelProcera™ CAD software for custom digital precision milled abutments will be emphasized. The hands-on component of the course will include fabrication of an e.max Press all-ceramic anterior crown and bridge including ceramic gingival augmentation as well as a monolithic e.max CAD single unit posterior crown.

Topics covered will include: Implant Principles • Fundamentals of implantology • Diagnosis and treatment planning for success • Surgical techniques • Abutment design and selection • Features of the NobelProcera™ CAD software

Restorative Options • Customizing standard abutments for proper form and gingival heigh • Color modification of ceramic abutments using IPS e.max Ceram • Design considerations for single unit all-ceramic restoration • Restorative options available for the fixed implant supported bridge using CAD/CAM and Press technologies • Design considerations for all-ceramic bridge frameworks to include ceramic gingival augmentation • Managing exposed zirconia collars using gingival or tooth colored ceramic materials • Restoration of large tissue defects using IPS e.max ZirPress tissue shaded ceramic • Esthetic layering techniques using IPS e.max Ceram • Stain and glaze techniques to customize the all ceramic restoration • Cementation options featuring Ivoclar Vivadent's Multilink Automix and Monobond Plus

  • Lee Culp

    CEO at Sculpture Dental Studios

    Lee Culp, CDT, is the CEO of Sculpture Studios, a laboratory, education and research and product development center for new and innovative digital dental technologies and their applied applications to diagnostic, restorative...