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Jun 18-19, 2012
ICDE Ivoclar Vivadent USA
175 Pineview Drive · Amherst, NY

The Fundamentals of Press Technology Course, given by ICDE Faculty and Ivoclar Vivadent Technical Specialists, covers the fundamentals of the IPS e.max technique including IPS e.max components for pressing (IPS e.max Press and IPS e.max ZirPress) and IPS e.max Ceram for the layering fabrication technique. Other topics covered in the course are: patient-dentist-laboratory communication and clinical protocols including indications, contraindications, preparation requirements, cementation and bonding requirements.

The Fundamentals of Press Technology course gives an overview lecture of all the components, both e.max Press and e.max ZirPress, as well as an overview of the Empress Esthetic technique. The presentation also discusses the laboratory fabrication techniques and clinical application techniques for the dentist.

During this 2-day course students fabricate a variety of ceramic restorations, including an anterior IPS e.max Press LT crown using the Cutback Technique, IPS e.max Press posterior crown using the Staining Technique and an IPS e.max ZirPress Crown using the Staining Technique.

Attendees are taught the basic principles of pressing technology. This will include the following:

  1. Wax up techniques for all-ceramic restorations 
2. Proper spruing, investing and burnout techniques 
3. Pressing all-ceramic restorations using the EP5000 and EP3000 press furnaces 
4. Preparing pressed materials for layering ceramics 
5. Utilizing the e.max ceramic materials to build pressed substructures to full contour

  2. Proper shading and glazing techniques

Note: The $499 fee includes a "take away" kit valued at $450.00 that will provide you with all the accessories needed to press IPS e.max. The kit contains: 200g Ring, Alox Plunger - 2 pcs. Plunger Separator, Invex Liquid, PressVest Speed Liquid, PressVest Speed Powder and Investment Tongs.

  • $499.00
  • 14 Hrs.