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Saturday Oct 19, 2013
Portland, OR

This course is designed to show attendees the versatility, beauty and efficiency of indirect composite material. This course will allow technicians or clinicians to learn tips and tricks to create natural looking light cured restorations by replicating not only dentician but also the gingival area. Indirect composite systems offer limitless possibilities to match even the most common shades due to the variety of modifiers and stains available. Ceramic filled light cured resin offers the ease of use of composites with the beautiful translucency and natural appearance of porcelain without the cost or time restraints. It can also be used to make adjustments or modifications during placement increasing productivity by saving chair time. A comprehensive indirect system will allow participants to maximize their full productive and esthetic potential in their everyday work environments.

  • Masayuki Hoshi, RDT

    Sales at GC America Inc. Lab Div.

    Masayuki Hoshi, RDT, attended the Sendai Dental Technology School of Japan, a one-year course at the International Dental Academy of Japan and trained under Dr. Sumiya Hobo. After moving to the U.S. in 1979, Hoshi worked...