Note: This event is closed.
Mar 4-6, 2013
Amherst, NY

The In-Lab Technology training is an intensive 3-day course covering all the basic aspects of the In-Lab system and comprehensive training on restorative solutions using IPS Empress and IPS e.max. During the software application portion of the course, students will learn the basic concepts of scanning, designing and milling using the Sirona InLab system. Each participant will design and mill restorations utilizing IPS Empress CAD, IPS e.max CAD and IPS e.max ZirCAD materials. These units are taken to completion using IPS e.max Ceram materials. In addition to the hands-on participation, a demonstration of the press-to-Zirconia technique using IPS e.max ZirPress is provided. Topics covered will include:

• Scanning models for single and multiple unit restorations • Designing dental frameworks and restorations using the Sirona InLab software • Milling glass-ceramic or zirconia materials • Preparing lithium disilicate or zirconia frameworks for layering ceramics
 • Esthetic layering with e.max ceramic materials • Creating natural contours and surface texture • Proper shading and glazing techniques • Preparation for cementation

  • Linda Colangelo: 800-533-6825 ext. 4363