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Friday May 17, 2013
Dublin, CA

Partials Made Easy.....Tips and Tricks for Better Results (morning session 9 am - noon) This clinic highlights certain techniques that you probably have forgotten that can solve a multitude of problems along with tips and tricks to make partial fabrication simpler.

Partials are not difficult to fabricate but everyone has a tendency to make them more difficult by trying to do things that were never intended for partial dentures. We will show you simple straight forward design guidelines that will make all your partials fit better. Most of the problems associated with partial fabrication are caused by many small things being done incorrectly during the process. We will point out those critical areas that you need to pay closer attention to which could solve many problems. Everyone who has attended this lecture in the past has come away with a wealth of information on partial dentures.

Tips and Tricks, Problem Solving Dentures (afternoon session 1 pm - 4 pm) This 3 hour lecture discusses several basic factors of complete denture construction including:

  • Esthetic factors and how they apply to particular tooth moulds.
  • Suggestions for methods of mounting casts which can be applied to any articulator.
  • Positioning of posterior teeth to simplify articulation. Various denture bases and the differences in handling and physical properties.